Östersunds FK vs Arsenäl (UEL Round of 32 1st Leg)


3-0 loss… they’ll outplay us on ice and show more determination to win.


Good. He finally knows it is our best chance to qualify to the Champions League.


How is the weather like in Sweden these days?


Err, well this is the weather notice from the club…


Christ! 10 degrees below zero, then :rofl:


Could be the first time all 11 players were gloves :joy:


Arsene Wenger says he will play a “normal team” in Arsenal’s Europa League game against Ostersund, as there is no point in diluting the side now there is no FA Cup to congest the fixture list.

What he really means is, he has written off yet another season and we aren’t going to get a top four place and we are out of the FA Cup.

Realistically, after the League Cup final against Man City, we haven’t got much to play for, so sending out a weakened team in the Europa League would be a bit stupid, even for Wenger.


He had no choice in the end.




The Jämtkraft Arena looks quality tbh, would’ve loved to get myself to this one. No Tys or DTs to be seen


Wouldn’t be surprised if Ozil is injured for the first game, I wouldn’t mind either.


in Östersund, fairly cold, a few below throughout the day I think!

And while nobody probably gives a shite, if someone does: the city is Östersund, if referring to the team as you would “Newcastle” you’d say “Östersund”. Adding s at the end makes it a possessive noun owning the “football club” after, we just don’t use an apostrophe. So saying Östersunds with nothing after is as if you kept saying Newcastle’s all the time.

tl:dr either do Östersund or Östersunds FK. or dgaf = understandable :sweat_smile:


I remember the last time somebody mentioned that here, it got quite heated.

No idea why but OA I guess :arteta:


This probably suits Laca having a game so soon after Saturday. He can try and put those nervs to rest quickly rather than have a chunk of time to dwell on things. Hopefully this is the kickboard for him! :laca:


Taking the piss. Need to beat them heavily now :wink:


Fucking IKEA boys eh Luca? :wink:


Of course, stick a chair up their ass :kos2:


If it’s going to be -10 please don’t take Ramsey or Koscielny or anyone else with a muscle disease.


ice therapy is good for muscles no?

Must be some reason why all the pricks do ice baths


@Luca_from_Italy is going to have an almighty meltdown at the weather conditions when we struggle in the freezing weather.