Östersunds FK vs Arsenäl (UEL Round of 32 1st Leg)


Was Stefan Schwarz Swedish?
I’ve seen him play at Highbury and I remember he had a good shot on him but not much more.


I say 0-0 or 1-0 to them


Yes he is. He was a hard working midfielder, rough at times and always gave 100%. I read somewhere that Arsene wanted to keep him, but for some reason he left after just one season. Speculated it was because some private disagreement with another teammate.

Btw it’s Östersunds FK or just Östersund. No ”s” in the ending without the FK present.


I wonder how many of the 7 players will turn up.

I’m just picturing Källström sitting on the row of seats on his own with a big smile on his face, trying to high five the Arsenal players, while they look at him like “who the fuck are you?!”


To paraphrase a good meme I saw after Bayern last year:

Ostersunds 17-1 Arsenal



Cheers mate, i truly appreciate it. Have a good day :wink:


This is a big game and we get Champs league place. Wenger will be clever man.
Very easy but cold may not be good for some players. Strong side and 4 , 0 .
Every brother , sister will be happy again.


For him, lying down would be more appropriate :grinning:


Özil playing in the Europa for the first time since his Bremen days?


An awkward win. Welbeck at his flat track best get us 2 late goals in a 3 1 win.


Curious to see how Lacazette responds to the two big misses and the criticism.

I know that Mkhitaryan is able to play but why can’t PEA play in this competition? Weren’t both players cup tied in the Champions League only?


Yes but you can only register one and we signed Mhiki first so Auba misses out


I’m hesitant to say this is our best shot at getting CL football when you look at some of the sides left in the competition, but I’m so sure we won’t get there via the league that we have to take this shit super seriously.

I don’t want no half strength team. Go all out and build some momentum in the competition.


Thank you kind sir.


Well there is that…

Plus the fact that PEA is cup tied anyway


I still think it’s garbage a player can be cup tied without playing a minute of game time in the competition…


Yeah it’s a stupid rule. But like Calum said, can only register one anyway so if PEA wasn’t Cup-tied we would have to pick between them. So perhaps it’s a bit of a blessing in disguise that we don’t have to make that decision.

Mkhitaryan loves a bit of Europa League football, was probably United’s best player in the competition last season, so fingers crossed he can help us.


Also I believe Lacazette has a decent amount of goals in EL


Yeah, that too. Plus, will be good for him to get some games under his belt if he’s not playing much in the league. Despite what’s said about him, he’s still a decent player


Yeah I think he’s a decent player, just not the top quality player some believed we were signing back in July. I knew he wouldn’t be a 30 goal a year striker but he’s been below par even for what I expected.