Olivier Giroud


Ah well, no Europa League till halfway February anyway!


You must have a fucking photographic memory then.


Yeah, quite a good one :slight_smile:



Arsenal striker Olivier Giroud isn’t interested in a move to Turkey or China according to his agent, Michael Manuello, who told Le Figaro: "He will listen and look [at the offers for him] and then he will see. Leaving just to leave is pointless.

“It has to make sense and give him something extra. He will have playing time at Arsenal, the second part of the season is important and there are a number of competitions to play in, even if he only plays in the Europa League.”

“Leaving to earn more money is not what’s important in his mind.”


Good. I don’t want to lose someone who looks like this

Besides, he is useful. Is there a better reserve striker/plan B in the league?


Is he gonna rap?


With Lacazette performing the way he is, I’m not sure Giroud is plan B or second choice.
I can see him getting back in the first team when he comes back.

Also, he is looks a bit like Errol Flynn in some photos.



@Ocke you must be old if you know who Errol Flynn is lol.


You don’t need to be old to know who Errol Flynn is. I’ve seen a few of his films - The Adventures Of Robin Hood is probably his most famous.


Same, but I wouldn’t have ventured to watch those if not for my parents who are in their 70’s.


I hope Giroud’s beard is properly insured, lest his teammates one day play the cruelest of japes and deprive him of it :confused:


Our players are so unambitious that they’re not motivated by success or money :xhaka: :mustafi:


I’ll miss this guy if he does go. A symbol of the sheer banter and ridiculousness of arsenal football club these times and finally turned into the cult hero he always should have been.

Scored some awesome goals for us.


I never really understood the criticism if Giroud. He was never going to be world class but he joined, scored vital goals and has done a job. Good luck to him in his search for first team football if he does leave.


Don’t worry, he isn’t going anywhere


This guys hair was never out of place once in all of his time here, that should account for something when we evaluate his career.

I did actually like Giroud, thought he was a useful player and, as others have metioned, scored some great goals.


Siiiiick beard game, bruh


It can’t be easy being the most handsome man alive, he has a lot to deal with


Me and Robin are soul mates.

Me, her, Giroud, threesome. Film it. We’re willing to listen to offers :sunglasses: