Olivier Giroud


Jesus christ if that’s an average performance for you then what the fuck is bad one? Giving a pen and then injuring one of your teammates?

Giroud was absolute shit and was without an inch of doubt the worst player on the pitch.


It’s a bit much to say he cost us the points today. He wasn’t the only one who was total shit. Us generally being total dog shit away from home is not down to him. We’ve had loads of similarly shit performances without him starting, this was his first start of the season after all.

The sentiment behind your posts is fine, thinking Giroud should have been sold and hinders good football. You just take it too far and start sounding ranty and make him your whipping boy. Our malaise is caused by far more than Giroud, but I know you know that and are frustrated.


Nowhere in my post did I say that Giroud alone cost us the pts today. But trade Giroud for Lacazette and our chances of getting 3 pts today surely double or more likely triple.


Nowhere in my post did I say that either. Scanned for the word alone and I couldn’t find it.

You said the points he cost us today, how more fucking blatant can it get that you were blaming him for a loss of points tonight.

We’ve had enough performances that are just as bad with Lacazette playing instead of Giroud that I think saying it’s most likely our chances of winning triple is just anither clear example of your hyperbole and scapegoating. Did you watch that match of football we played last week? I’m not even referring to it being Giroud who saved the point, but the fact that Lacazette started. How much more recently do you want evidence?


Why can’t we start Laca and Giroud together once just to see what it’s like ffs.

Fuck Alexis off to the bench and go 4-4-2


Nah, tbf, I didn’t. But this was Moyes’ West Ham, we were camped in their half all game, but our play in the final-third was as it is as always when Giroud is on the pitch: shit. From the highlights it seemed Southampton was a rather different game.

I don’t see why some make it so complicated with Giroud: his use is for the 75th minute and on when you are desperate for a goal and can afford to play shit–or playing shit is even sometimes convenient–and hope for a defender mistake or a headed goal. He should never play before then, even in Europa as we’ve seen, where Nketiah surely would’ve done as well or better at 18 yrs old.

But for that use, well, use the value you’ve afforded him by letting him play 4 years as the starting striker for Arsenal and having a dupe like Deschamps pick him so much for the NT, sell him, and buy someone like Charlie Austin who can serve the exact same function.


I seem to remember hearing this before about an eighteen year old reserve striker/youth striker being guaranteed to come in and do better than Giroud.

For what it’s worth I would have liked to have seen Nketiah get more minutes too, at least a fucking start in that last match.

It’s basically a matter of fact that Giroud is the best back up, bring off the bench and"put it in the mixer" for a goal striker in the league. Saying Charlie Austin can perform that exact same function isn’t true, that’s you doing Giroud an undue disservice, again.

I don’t want to go too back and forth with all this too much tbhbecause there is plenty in your posts I agree with, especially the bit about having had him as first choice/featuring heavily for so long, I’ve never been a proponent of that. The fact we haven’t signed a reasonably young up and comer in the central striking position in fucking years is embarrassing, bringing through someone like that used to be the one fucking thing you could rely on Wenger to do.


Is it? “It’s basically a matter of fact” because Wenger finally hit on that role for him the last couple seasons, and other players haven’t had a similar opportunity. Tbh, though, I think if you gave those same minutes to Walcott–or Chicharito, or Charlie Austin–and he hadn’t been such a silly boy coming out with that declaration about not seeing himself as a striker, that he’d score the same amount of goals. Maybe even create a few more with his movement.

As a starter, with the form Giroud was in at that time, he did do better in those games.


This sort of post is why I can’t you seriously. If criticism was fair and objective I wouldn’t have an issue but to call him the worse player on the pitch last night is ridiculous. No statistical or visual evidence backs that up.

It’s seems like you’re hating for the sake of hating. It’s not really logical or fair and it’s seems extremely petty. Seems like you don’t like Giroud and will rationalise anything he does in a negative light to further your bias


Yeah, you think that, but in the absence of any evidence it’s nothing but conjecture.

Conjecture just like saying we are most likely three times more likely to win if Laca plays yesterday instead of Giroud, which was you just pulling a number out your arse.


That was Girouds first start in the PL this season. We have been utterly atrocious at creating chances away from home all season without Giroud in the 11.


Nice to see someone else who can see the obvious


Supposedly got a bad hamstring injury tonight.

Laca will get to play 90 minutes!!! Scenes




on if Giroud’s injury is bad…
In his statement [to me], it doesn’t look very good.


wow… his chance on WC selection… not good


Here it goes our super sub :hipster:


Well he won’t be leaving in January now!


There’s no way Wenger would have sold him anyway.
If Sanchez goes as well, it would mean we would lose two very good attacking players and not be able to adequately replace them, unless anyone wants Welbeck or Walcott as our second choice striker.


He’ll stay until the end of 2018-19 and leave on a free in the summer.