Olivier Giroud


Then who’s gonna be our super sub? Walcock or Welbeck? :hipster:


Fucking loan move. He should be told to get fucked. It would be so counterproductive to the club to loan him out. Sorry Ollie but I don’t give a fuck about your international career and nor should Arsenal or Arsene.


He decided to stay here and be benched. It was always clear that he was not going to play enough. Tough shit.


To be fair he has had a decent season, even if most of it has been from the bench but, like others have said, he chose to stay, and we pay his wages, not France.

This has been Giroud’s problem since he came here, inconsistenty.
He goes through patches of brilliance followed by long periods of mediocrity.
Let’s not forget it wasn’t that long ago that he broke the PL record for a striker not scoring.

It’s almost as if it’s because for the first time in his Arsenal career,r he has had some serious competition for the striker position, as well as the World Cup coming up, that he has decided to put a bit more effort in.

What other top European club can boast having a first choice striker, with limited ability, unchallenged for more than five seasons.

Because of this, he has became complacent, and has realised that since Lacazette arrived he has had to work harder.


I think he knew that. It’s Deschamps who is being the cunt here.


France don’t have an option like Giroud, so despite what anyone is saying, he will definitely go to the World Cup.


He often starts for France. Even if that changes, he isn’t going to go from being in their starting XI to not being in the squad at all. He’s a Deschamps guy.


Exactly. Just sounds like they want him to be match ready by getting games under his belt. But that’s not a concern for us.


Yeh they are putting pressure on Arsenal to give him some game time, and it’s working. Arsene just said In his presser that Giroud is gonna be starting more games.


Giroud will be always called up for France no matter what he does for us. Deschamps rates him.


I’ve read that as well.
That is vey unlike Wenger to say something like that.
Unless he means because we have several cup games coming up.


I say it on football manager all the time. Give them a start, then a bench, then a start, then back to the bench forever.

Wenger’s finally learning how to manage properly.


Don’t think Giroud was ever willing to be a bench player full time. I think he was expecting to earn a starting spot in light of the competition.

People constantly complain about the poor mentality in this squad. We should be praising players who are demanding to be starting rather than happy to collect wages on the bench.

A smart manager leverages Giroud’s wishes for the benefit of the club.


I guess you’re trying to make a good point here, but it really falls down because Giroud is literally this player.

He had the option of moves in the summer, Wenger told him he could leave which is not something that a manager says to a player who is key. He chose to reject offers and stay in London.

He was benched for almost all of last season where he lost his place as a striker to a winger. Players like Welbeck and Walcott were starting games while he was available but on the bench. He only got a few games once injuries started hitting.

His new contract was announced in January, after he had started a grand total of three league games despite being fit for the season. If these things do take time to sort out as we’re led to believe, then he chose to start talking about a new deal at a time when he hadn’t started a Premier League game for months.

Then Arsene Wenger goes and signs a striker for a club record fee and surprise surprise, he has not started a league game all season.

If he thought he was getting his place back after all that, then he’s an idiot.


Well he’s evidently not because he wants to start now and is considering a loan move in order to do so. The £50m striker currently isn’t pulling up any trees, people right now would not be outraged of Giroud started against West Ham, it’s hardly with merit if he did.

The team in the first half of 16/17 were in good form, he probably accepted his bench role on that basis despite the fact that he was still contributing meaningful goals despite the lack of starts.

This whole idea that Giroud is happy to be a bench player is based on very suspect evidence.

Considering Giroud’s personality I think he backed himself to get back into the first 11. It would not be the first time in his Arsenal career he’s fallen out of favour.

I think the London thing is overblown too. There’s a whole load a variables involved you couldn’t possibly be aware of. Some players do value the opinions of their partners and situation regarding children etc a move to Merseyside might not have been reasonable

Then again that came out of Koeman’s mouth whose to say what he said accurately reflected the situation? Could have been saving face because simply wasn’t interested. Even then on the other hand if Giroud was “in the building” it obvious he strongly considered a move

It’s certainly not a crazy idea Giroud decided to back himself to compete with Laca. He starts regularly over him with France after all


Nah, it’ll be more like how predictable our attacking play is with him, how shit he is in build-up and link-up play, etc.


Unleash chorizo and that chilean boy. It’s your time!


@sevchenko Guess what Giroud is still shit.


Like I’ve been saying, pretty sure he’s had negative value for the season. The couple pts he’s rescued us are not worth the pts he’s lost us today or in the other games where he’s come on way too early for Lacazette and been his usual shit self. Should’ve been sold this summer but Wenger gonna Wenger.


Thought his performance was pretty average tbh. Not bad but not particularly good either.

Had a few good moments of work in the final third especially that head down for Jack which should have been a goal.

Iwobi and Alexis far worse offensively, objectively