Olivier Giroud


Strange that someone wants Giroud sold instead of Walcock.


Yeah may as well keep him. It’s not like anyone will pay big bucks for him. He is 31 and he isn’t going to get any better. In today’s market the £15 or so million we’d get for him would only buy about 12 Freddos!


Might be frustrating as a starter but I’ve never seen a better super sub. Would keep him over Welbeck all day


Everton are in desperate need of a striker, i think we could get 25m for him. He’s not a pace merchant so he can play into his mid 30s I’d imagine at the similar level he is now.

We should selp him and Theo for 50m turn around and spend it on Seri and it would solve a lot of issues, but we’re dumb so nm.



He’s scoring in these particular situations where we’re chasing a late goal and flooding the box. Where was this impact when he was the plan A? He got a fair crack at the whip on several occasions and was the one who was consistently coming up short. His success in this game saving role of his is a result of us being a badly organised team with no idea how to create good chances. Lacazette is a long way ahead of Giroud as a starter and long term.


Do I need to post this everytime people start deluding themselves into thinking that Giroud isn’t a mediocre striker?


Do i need to remind you your fellow countryman is holding us back? @AbouCuellar was so right about chileans.


Because we’re not going anywhere this season, the couple of points we gain from his late super sub goals don’t mean anything, and insofar as he’s robbed important minutes from Nketiah and been pretty useless in Europa he’s been of negative value there. He’s 31 and the 30m, plus just as importantly the wages off the books, we could potentially get from a desperate Everton would be of exponentially more value than whatever value he provide an us, which is rather little. Pretty simple really.

And thinking that he will do any better than Lacazette we a starter is so naive honestly. Just look at his Europa League performances or remember how it was with him before Wenger finally figured it out the right role for him.


Giroud scored regularly as a starter usually ended up in the mid teens for league goals. The issues we had was lack of credible competition/rotation. His success actually is providing a viable aerial offensive outlet, id like to see this taken advantage of from the first min instead of the last 20

The truth is the quality of our attacking football has not gotten any better with AOL. Based on what I’ve seen so far I don’t think Lacazette is as great as people are making out. He’s easily kept quiet by competent CBs. Not a needle mover for this team.


I never said he should be a starter but I dont see how our squad holds up at all without Giroud in it. Give a fuck about Nketiah.

For sure we can revisit it in the Summer and get someone else in. But what is there to gain from selling him in January lol? Hyperbole.


Money and not having another depreciating commodity on the wage bill which could potentially become another one of those we can’t manage to offload, a story we’ve relived a million times already yet for some reason people don’t like to learn from…


" In January, I will have to ask myself the question. What the coach advises, it matters. A loan can be a solution, but I do not know if Arsène will want


I’ve watched the one they did about Mbappé, good stuff, was waiting for this one when they’ve announced it.


Well luckily for us we’re gonna have no problems with half our squad leaving next summer.


Unless its accompanied by wenger i would say we have a fucktonne of problems.


We most certainly do have a fuck tonne of problems.


Actual quotes from him saying he will consider a January loan move but doesn’t know if arsenal will let him.


He’s a fantastic impact player when we need an alternative approach. If we begin to start him, he’ll frustrate us once again. Only starts if Laca is injured for me.


To sell him in Jan means we are relying on welbeck or Walcott honestly… all 3 useless to our future bc I cant imagine seeing Eddie is proper ready for serious league minutes when we are genuinely fighting for top 4.

As much as it appeals to me, it isn’t a responsible move right now. Fact is, we have too many of these types of good squad options and too few legit starting options.