Olivier Giroud


Such a bollock.


Worrying quotes for Giroud, there’s enough competition upfront that I don’t think it’s too unlikely Giroud could be left out.


He may get selected, but don’t think he will play in the WC if not playing regularly enough in the league.
That makes sense.


I feel like sometimes people don’t read the full story, they just pay attention to the headline.

There are actual quotes in there from Guy Stéphan. It’s not just a made up story.

I think Giroud will still get selected though, as Deschamps seems to like him, and he fits the system. But it’s not totally stupid to think Giroud could be left out - France have an array of attacking talent, and if most of them are playing week in week out and performing to a high level, it’ll be hard to justify Giroud’s selection above them.


Think Giroud needs to leave on loan somewhere


We are giving him enough playing time so those quotes are bollocks.


Best option for all involved is to sell him to Everton when the window opens.


You know what to do, you bloody french hater.


If he goes he won’t be starting. His role here is perfect for what the French will want from him at a World Cup.


Club legend, I don’t even care


At least he knows the meaning of “never give up”. Some of our players should take notice.




Convinced this guy needs to be starting PL game more often. He’s an obvious and credible offensive outlet who adds another dimension to our attack and scores goals.

Yet people think Giroud should be sold ahead of Welbeck, a guy whose barely made an impression at the club, has no redeemable features other than being an overpaid hardworking donkey who could finish his dinner to save his life at 27 years old!


I don’t understand why you think this should be a thing and why so many people agree with you.


He gets us out of jail when we’ve played like shit. And seeing as we have no control of most of our games nowadays his niche is more prominent. Doing his job as the Plan B as always. Why should he be starting?


Yeah I agree that he is not the starter we need. But boy has he turned into a spectacularly reliable sub the past year or two. I have gone from being annoyed with how he was too limited for us as a starter and his attitude at times, into absolutely loving what he does for us in this role, and really appreciating him as an Arsenal player nowadays.


The concept of a “supersub” is so darn stupid. At what point does a plan b player who whose scoring and making an impact become the Plan A?

If the plan A consistently coming up short offensively but the back up is scoring goals - You start the back up ffs. Giroud deserves a few league starts


Will break the record this season then


People talk about how he needs to be shipped off in January and before the likes of Welbeck but at least Giroud is reliable as a goal scorer.

I’m all for selling him off if we were to bring in a young striker prospect that has a bright future like Dolberg or the like but if we’re selling him off only to renew the deals of the likes of Welbeck what does that achieve exactly?


He should be shipped off tbh so he can play regularly and be more on his level he’d be a star for Everton and they need a striker I think we could get 30m for him at least. A competent club would take that ans flip it for a good CM, however we won’t use the money we get from the sale anyways so for us he’s much more valuable to keep him.