Olivier Giroud


I think giroud has a certain air of dedication about him, too. He’s nowhere near the quality demanded of Arsenal teams in the past, but to see him remain here and try and fight for his place is refreshing in an age where even shit players wanna jump ship (looking at Song, Hleb, Chamberpot)

It’s a likeable quality and I’d certainly be happy for him if he goes on to break records with Arsenal


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I’m with you Ronnie. If you can appreciate Giroud for what he is rather than hate him for what he’s not he’s actually a pretty decent player. And its perfectly OK to recognise that and still want us to improve.


Giroud would have been a hit at Everton. I think he alone with no other signings would have them out of this rut. I can’t speak for his personal life but football-wise it was a mistake for him to stay IMO.

If we were Ferguson’s United I could understand a desire to be part of the team competing for every trophy even if you’re on the bench, but to be part of a team standing still or regressing, competing for the FA Cup, trying to get into the CL so you can be embarrassed by better teams, where half the fans don’t appreciate you, I don’t really get it.


From Giroud’s perspective, he is at a club he knows, with a manager that has stuck by him for more than five seasons, even though he has limited ability, and he isn’t going to go to another club that has a chance of playing CL football.
He probably also prefers London to living up North.

He would have done well at Everton, and would have started most games, but realistically he is at a club that is bigger than any other he could go to, so he has probably made the right choice.

From our point of view, he is one of the best second choice strikers in the PL.
It’s just a shame we had to wait for so long to get a first choice striker to make him second choice.


I’m not convinced. It’d probably be a good move for him personally – he’d be a bigger fish and a definite starter. But is he really what Everton need? He’d be a presence up front for sure, would get them more goals than they currently have and they’d probably be a few places higher in the table. But two of Everton’s weaknesses this season have been lack of width and pace – something Giroud will not give them.

Koeman even said this: “Lukaku had a certain way of playing as a striker. He could hold the ball, he always had an eye for the goal, he was fast. All of a sudden (when Giroud did his U-turn), we were missing such a player." Such a player? Giroud is many things, but fast is not one of them.


Lukaku would have been my choice to replace Giroud.
He was the main reason Everton got a top six place.
It would have been great to see him playing in front of Ozil and Sanchez.

Giroud is a good player, but without the midfield players he has had the luxury of playing with, like Ozil, Sanchez and Cazorla, I’m not sure how he would have done.


Said at the start of the season Welbeck cannot be relied upon. He’d be perfect to flog to Everton in Jan

Better english talents out there


In the world of transfers, Giroud is a bit of a knob for this. It’s extremely difficult to get a player late on, so if Giroud had no intention of going then why bother going 90% of the way through the transfer.

Everton aren’t out of the wrong either, they should have spent their Lukaku money much better. Ultimately if you’re getting 70mil incoming, there should be solid plans to replace your 25 goal a season striker in some fashion - maybe not like for like as that is difficult, but 40mil on Siggurdson is absurd and they deserve to be down there.


He made his decision in Pre-Season.


He’s a good Premier League striker and very good in the air so he’s plan A and B for a team that barely looks like it has a plan A. If you’re a team that’s simply playing shit with no real centre forward that’s a good guy to have. Even if you’re playing crap he can pop up from a free kick and get you ahead.

They’re low on confidence and having someone capable of a couple of goals might have got them a few more points and confidence and avoided the crisis of being so close to relegation and the manager doesn’t have to be sacked.


Take Welbeck and Walcott.

Buy one, get one free.


At the end of the day Koeman is a hoofball merchant. Giroud would have fit that team nicely. Just like Pelle, who isn’t exactly fast either, did at Southampton and Feyenoord for Koeman. Those attacking midfielders would have made more sense with Giroud up top. Him holding the ball and those players moving around him, but he chose differently.


If his last name was Gomez, Kiessling, Jancker… I would be more forgiving :poldi:

Anyway, he is a quality player, no doubt. A lot of the hate before, was actually from Wenger’s poor management.


The best Giroud film you’ll ever see.

Olivier Giroud - Better than Pele


I don’t need to watch that video to know this


Now 5 goals away from becoming 3rd all time scorer. Who thinks he can make it?


Underrated as ever well done I think he can


15 in 22 for France, he pretty good striker.


Olivier Giroud is a doubt for the north London derby with Spurs next Saturday.

The Arsenal striker is currently with the France national team and scored on Friday night as they claimed a 2-0 win against Wales in Paris.

But he was substituted soon after his second half strike and then was spotted after the game with his thigh heavily strapped.

And speaking to L’Equipe, Giroud revealed that he actually first felt the injury during the warm-up - he added that he was unsure as to whether he would be able to take part in France’s game against Germany on Tuesday night in Cologne.