Olivier Giroud


My criticism of Giroud as a player aside, you have to say he’s a fantastic underdog story. A guy that was playing in Ligue 2 until he was 25, that ends up being a mediocre striker for Arsenal and scores some truly memorable goals, that’s a pretty improbable story and career arch, so I can forgive him the emotion tbh. To find himself winning anything, no matter how stupid or arbitrary it is, in a gala like that, filled with the best in football, is a minor miracle, so I can understand him feeling very proud.


Super Olly!


You’re forgetting the three FA Cups he won.

In any case an average/mediocre striker for Arsenal wouldn’t have scored over 100 goals for us let alone get assists/goals in every cup final he has played for us.

You sound almost as bad as a4tt and Walcott with all this Giroud hate lol

Yeah he’s not world class but he’s not mediocre either :joy:

Regardless, this is a sick goal and I love Giroud’s flick to Iwobi, he definitely doesn’t get enough credit for that either. All told this is actually a superb counter-attacking wengerball goal.


You realise you’re describing a non-average player as one that can perform against Hull and Aston Villa right? :stuck_out_tongue:


Oh ffs don’t encourage him

And don’t forget his worldie against Man City in the community shield :triumph:


Also, I should like to point out that Giroud has now played a pivotal role in two of the best goals ever scored in the PL as well as one of the best in the CL.

An average player can’t just fluke that.


EL :wink:


Hahahaha shiiiiiiiiiiiiit.

Freudian slip.


Of course an average player can fluke like that–there’s nothing incompatible about being average or even shit and having some incredible moments, look at Andy Carroll or even Denilson who scored some crackers from range–especially if he is leading the line for Arsenal for 4 years. What’s more, a mediocre or worse player can fluke like that, which is what Giroud is.

He’s a player who is a negative in terms of defending and pressing/counter-pressing (Oh, but his defensive headers! And him being an outlet when you’re sat deep!!), an extreme negative in terms of his movement when attacking, an extreme negative in terms of his porous link-up play/passing/lack of skill with the ball, who does one thing: score at unimpressive rates for an Arsenal striker.

There is literally zero argument to be made that he’s been anything more than mediocre in his 4 years and change for Arsenal, which is frankly a generous use of wordage.


Minor detail; he was 23/24 when he went to Montpellier. Overall point still stands though.

He is also a League winner btw. So it’s not like he had nothing :stuck_out_tongue:.


Yeah put some respect on his name, he won a ligue 1 beating big spenders PSG in the process.


I used to dislike him a lot because of the amount of sitters than he missed… then started to accept him and found out he is pretty handy occasionally.

Watched some short youtube clips here and there, and gotta admit he is pretty skillful, especially the size that he has (well… men and women may have different interpretation on “size” here).

So unfortunate that he could only outrun Per in the universe.
More unfortunate is, Wenger never could find a formation and tactics that can utilize his strengths.


Koeman in a Dutch magazine speaking after leaving Everton

“I had Olivier Giroud in the building,” Koeman added. "He would have fitted perfectly, but at the very last moment he decided that he’d rather live in London and stay at Arsenal.

"That was really hard to swallow. You tell me, where you can get a better striker? Lukaku was so important for us, not just because of his goals. He had a certain way of playing as a striker - strong.

"He could hold the ball, he always had an eye for the goal, he was fast. If things were not going well in a game, if we could not play the way we were used to, there was always the option to use the long ball towards him.

"All of a sudden [after Giroud’s decision], we were missing such a player. With Nikola Vlasic and Wayne Rooney, we had attackers who want the ball at their feet.

"When you are struggling as a team with the build-up from the back, and we no longer had the option to kick it long, you know you have a problem


Ahah! Well-done Olly and fuck off Koeman.


Brilliant. Arsenal player Giroud is the reason for Everton’s awful form. I guess that’s the power God has :sunglasses:

Giroud would certainly have got them a decent goal return, but he wouldn’t have been able to solve all their problems - lack of speed for one!


How I wish he had stayed in the building.


Who do you propose should have been our no.2 CF, considering we wouldn’t have bought anyone else to replace him?


Welbeck and Nketiah.


That inspires a lot of confidence. :expressionless:


Welbeck is a walking A&E sign and it’s too soon for Nketiah to make that jump. Which would leave us with Theo playing up front. shudders