Olivier Giroud


Was eating a roast chicken on that day.


What lol


this belongs on the randomly nothing thread lol


What a fucking post :joy:


Hey! To be fair to @Luca_from_Italy we should all remember what we were eating when God scored his first goal for us.


Fucking genius. :joy:


That wasn’t Giroud first goal. It was first PL goal.

Anyway I remember that match for Cazorla’s brilliant goal.


I liked to remember this :wink:


On this day in 2012: Summer signing Olivier Giroud scored his first PL goal for Arsenal

that’s what it says?? :confused:


Think it was referencing Phoebica’s post Cal pal :slight_smile:



Must have been an awesome roast chicken for you to remember that.

Describe it.


I bought it in a fry shop :ozil2:


What you mean lol that sounds terrible. I thought you made it yourself or something


Listen, it is just that i did remember that thing, not that it was good :ozil2:


That’s even better :joy:


Effortless mate, cracked me up :joy: :+1:


Cheers mate!


Final 3. Still a public vote. Ooh ooh ooh.

It didn’t even win PL goal of the month :rofl:


Voted for the Venezuelan girl. Sorry :grin: