Olivier Giroud


Doesn’t complain, produces in big moments…

Need his goals this season


incredibly reliable as an impact sub for quite a while now, long may it last!


Not many better #2 strikers around in the league.

It’s great he’s staying and what a massive goal that was.


say what you like about the guy he is brilliant and frustrating in equal measure but he is loyal to us even in a sub roll and he always seems to pull us out of a shitstorm.


I love you Olly! :giroud2:


Should have been a pen for shirt grabbing if it didn’t go in, this guy is a gold option off the bench… #godroud


World class header of the ball. I’ll go out on a limb and say he is the best header of the ball in Europe.


To score that header whilst getting grippsed up by 2 leister defenders is top draw


really pleased for Giroud to show what he can do again today (that was for all of his haters) fantastic header after he came on for us to win the game


It’s no surprise that he gets compared to Cristiano Ronaldo


Giroud doing the only thing he’s good at.


Sticking the old pigs bladder in the onion bag. Love that man



Apparantly him and Wenger have said he’s staying at the Arsenal.




Really impressed with his link up play today. Needs to start more. Feed him with crosses and he will score! Not sure how ‘motivated’ Alexis will be this season so Laca can fill in on the left.


He’ll never be my favorite player but he’s up there with the Ray Parlours of this world who make every bit of talent they do have count and you absolutely love them for it…But at the same time you’d replace them in a heartbeat if someone better came along.

Delighted he will join the 100 club. :slight_smile:


Legend. That is all.


Someone identified Kolasinaç as a possible cult hero in the making, well Giroud is already there surely


Best plan B in the league