Olivier Giroud




Why couldn’t you have just said Diaby instead of Giroud and made all kinds of sense instead of none. :confused:


Can we please have a serious Diaby discussion soon. Analysis, evaluation, appreciation. The whole hog.

He is so much Van Gogh it’s mental. So. Much. Talent. SO MUCH TALENT.

It’s genuinely sad to think only a fraction of our fanbase will ever understand or appreciate him, let alone the world. Almost makes you wonder who the other Diabys of the world are.

edit: wtf am I saying, there can only be one.


It’s a shame my best post of all time (BPOAT), doing just what you ask, is lost to the old forum. :disappointed_relieved:


Don’t worry mate. From the ashes of old, a new thread will arise. It will happen, Jeff weirdly reminds me of the big man, maybe when he properly breaks through, we pay homage once more to the one true king of midfield.

I would love to have known if stats supported what we saw in Diaby tbh. Genuinely believe he would have absolutely owned this league, and then some.


They did. But stats can’t quite grasp such majestic long-legged 10/10 technique beauty and elegance like his anyways.


That man had it all. Ball recovery, guile, power, burst of pace, technique. The way he opened up his body for a shot was a strikers dream.

https://youtu.be/E6DlacpXIsY Oh Abou. What could have been.


I thought Diaby was a good player and had some good games but I feel like Arsenal fans have grown to massivley overstate his actual quality and potential lol. When he was fit, he was hugely inconsistent and very frustrating.


I remember people losing their fucking minds about how slow he was to release the ball and then he’d get tackled or the way he would slow down our game. People were constantly calling for his head haha


The difference between Diaby and Van Gogh is that Van Gogh actually has a body of work you can look back on and appreciate. Not just the odd decent painting he did when physically able.


What does it mean?


Hey look, a parade, let’s all go and piss on it!


Diaby was massively frustrating at times and the revisionism of his career is ludicrous, it’s like saying Jack is one of our finest ever talents when all people think of is the game against Barcelona. What those of us who actually watched him saw was 90 percent of frustration where he would run down blind alleys and not release the ball quick enough.

Now that I think of it Jack and Diaby’s careers are pretty similar.


The other difference is that Diaby’s left ear was the only part of his body he never injured.


@AbouCuellar this is delicious. :smile:


That’s one of the great things about football everybody has their own opinion, saying that it wouldn’t surprise me if half the people who didn’t rate Diaby are the ones that don’t rate Pogba as much as they should either.


Very true! People may think it’s revisionism but it really isn’t, for either myself or AC. It’s been consistent fanboyism since day one. :smile:

Equally though I couldn’t ever get my head round what people saw in Podolski (for example) so I appreciate the divided opinions.


So I did some numbers on old Olly Olly Goru.

Here’s the break down.

98 goals and 41 assists in 227 games and 14,825 minutes over 5 seasons.

Now the 227 games thing is kind of unfair because he’s been a sub a lot, so let’s got by minutes.

98 + 41 = 139 direct involvements in goals. 14,825 / 139 = 106.6 so let’s say 107 minutes per goal/assist.

That’s a fucking brilliant return for someone that cost £12m and didn’t play in a system really geared towards him all the time.

All of these numbers are courtesy of transfermarkt.


do you have the time to compare these digits to other strikers?

Lacazette or Costa for example. But you are right though that’s pretty fucking solid.


That’s pretty impressive. Out of curiosity though, that goal drought he had in 2015/2016, how many minutes did that last ?