Olivier Giroud


It really can. Just start the game with a competent striker and bring Welbeck on if we’re chasing a goal. Easy.


When is Giroud contracted to ?


The fact is that we couldn’t even swap players with them, as they are so shit. But if we bought both Lemar and Lacazette we would have to sell one of them.


Scorpion kick :scorpion: goal is the best moment from Giroud


Is it that easy? They’re different players. Giroud has a better strike rate and we know he can make a decent plan B, whereas Welbeck has struggled for form and fitness.

Summer 2019


He’s had a good season as a somewhat motivated supersub. Maybe he thought he’d get his place back. I don’t think we can rely on that being the case forever though. He was as shit as anyone when we were struggling and he’s shown plenty of times he can stop giving a fuck.

I don’t know if we should actively sell him but if it’s a case of £50m on Lacazette or £30m on Lacazette and losing Giroud and then actually strengthening other positions (lol) then it may be worth it.

You’d have to wonder what goes through his head wanting to stay at a club that insists on only playing with one striker, may spend 40-50 million on a #9, has very little chance of the title and isn’t in the Champion’s League when you’re effectively 31. Especially when that is the same club that decided Alexis should be the starting #9 for 75% of the previous season when in your head you’ve probably had 2 good seasons with Alexis on the wing and you up front.

Maybe he’s still in the France team because he’s still got a very good scoring record despite limited game time, but if he has limited game time and a poor scoring record then I doubt he’s a starter at the World Cup and right now that feels like his best shot at a major trophy before he retires.


My favorite Giroud moments that worldie he scored for France a few weeks ago

followed by his scorpion kick vs Palace

after that it’d have to be some his link up play, he’s frustrating AF but he still must be such a joy to play off at times.


That’s an awesome video. Does really highlight his strengths for us.


Yeh it is, people act like Giroud is some sort of linchpin in our entire system when he’s actually detrimental to the kind of football we play.

We played better football before Giroud came here and I’m convinced we will play better football when he leaves. Even though Welbeck’s a bit of a donkey I’d much rather see him start or be immediate backup because then we don’t have to compromise our entire style of play and start tryring to emulate West Ham.


If we’re picking one to start a match then yes I’d give Welbeck the nod, though ideally I wouldn’t want either in the starting 11. But in terms of changing a game, sometimes this style of play you speak of doesn’t work so we need to try something different – Giroud has proven on numerous occasions that he can fill that super sub/something different role well.

Giroud is the Van Gogh of football – Unappreciated in his own time.


Giroud is an in-the-box classic striker. He is not going to pick the ball up and run at defenders and is not going to dribble his way out of tight spots but he will find space in the box and attack the ball as long as service is provided from the wings and the midfield.

Arsenal just doesn’t play to his strengths. He needs players around him who move the ball up quickly and unsettle the defense so he can make his runs. And provide a high volume of high quality crosses. He is a very good finisher as has been proven by his record both for us and France.

His being a super sub and being brought on when we need a goal is all predicated on the fact that we start attacking harder, bombing forward and crossing the ball into the box way more in that last 10-15 mins when he comes on to “rescue” us yet again.

and he’s a fine looking fella with a stellar beard. thats a fact.


But does he want to stay as super sub? Because we are clearly looking for a new CF.


I think at his age and the fact he was often on the bench last season, he is probably ok with that.
Let’s face it, he isn’t going to get a bigger club than us interested in him, so unless he wants to go to a club like West Ham, or back to the French League, he might as well do what he does here.


Yeah, i think Lemar, Giroud, Laca and hopefully Alexis and Mesut as well would be great.


And Mbappe, don’t forget Mbappe :giroud3:


Sign all the french strikers!


I vaguely remember a great performance of his against Dortmund too.

The sad thing with Giroud is, the list of strikers preceding him that were truely great is just astounding.

not entirely dissimilar to the conveyor belt of worldies Atletico have had on show up front. Giroud was destined to fail, and i will never understand why Wenger chose his ‘type’.

If only the fucker had some pace!


Hmm. I’m not even saying you’re wrong mate, but beyond last season do the stats back up him being a great finisher for us? It’s not quite the impression I’ve got from watching him play for us for large parts of his time with us.

And don’t get me wrong, I say that as someone who has often defended him on here.


Well he’s 2 goals shy of 100 for us which ain’t bad. He just has that barren patch working against from 2 seasons ago.


I agree that that isn’t exactly bad, but 98 goals in 5 seasons as mostly first choice for a team like us doesn’t exactly prove that he’s a very good finisher in my.book, at least not without further analysis or statistical information