Olivier Giroud


If we could get 25+ mill for him I’d happily sell as long as we then go and spend 60mill on a striker.


Almost 31 it’s around about the right time to be selling Giroud and £20m is a fair price. Whether I’d sell or not depends on Alexis though, as much as I hope not to see Giroud play significant minutes next season, both of them leaving in the same summer could be troublesome.


If Olly were to go in the Summer, I’d like to see him reach 100 goals before he goes…


Hopefully he doesn’t play enough for that to happen :wink: @Leper




Perez and maybe Alexis and maybe Ozil are off. Can we replace them and Giroud? If we don’t get 1 top forward in early we’re in big trouble.


There’s just no way Wenger sells Giroud unless he really agitates to leave. Which he probably won’t.


Au revoir french Heskey




I guess Giroud isn’t completely useless lol.


Giroud low key has a real killer mentality. Still remember him grappling Cavani’s nape :joy::joy::joy:


So killer he spends most of his time on the floor crying for fouls



Only needs 4 more goals to reach 100. He’s going to be so damn close. As long as it’s headed chances, there’s always a chance for Olly :giroud:


Two wing backs are better for him, as they can focus more on attack and put some dangerous crosses in.


That’s so impressive I need to take a moment to compose myself


When he hits 100 he can leave.


Unbelievable stat!!! @Calum


I’d actually be gutted for him if he got to 99 and then we sold him.

I mean I’d get over fairly quickly but for those few seconds I’d feel bad.