Olivier Giroud


Support a manager that’s benched you all season and sign a new contract yourself.

The level of ambition from these cunts :facepalm:


Of course, he is the only manager who gives him a chance as first choice :mustafi:


Why is this thread being bumped? Giroud has actually been a great servent recently. He is no where close to being our problem this season. And he - like the rest of the team - is not going to come out and say “yeah Wenger is a shit manager”.


Problem is the more players come out with this stuff the more likely Wenger is gonna believe it and it plays into the mans wrinkly old hands…but Wenger is gonna do what he is gonna do regardless i guess!


Of course the current squad of players (barring Sanchez) want Wenger to stay. They all seemingly lack the ambition and talent to take it to the next step that a new manager would obviously seek to take the club to. It’s all too comfortable from top to bottom at our club.


I agree, Giroud has embraced his place as second choice without complaint which is what we’ve all be clamouring for for a long time, plus he’s helped us bag points off the bench more than a few times.

I don’t see much wrong with what’s said, behind closed doors I imagine it’s a different feeling entirely since Wenger has clearly lost the dressing room or at least is close enough.


Don’t mistake low confidence and poor form as Wenger having lost the dressing room.


I’m not, the players haven’t looked liked they truly give a fuck for a while that’s what’s I’m looking at.


Because without that Giroud would be Messi


Struggling to get a response from the players doesn’t equate to having lost the dressing room imo. It’s a motivational issue which is something most teams will experience at some point during season.

I don’t doubt for a second that these players want to win for Wenger, problems emanate from a tactical set up/organization/selections.

What on earth are you talking about???


Except this seems different from instances in the past, the players don’t even seem up for pushing for a top four place.

That is potentially more than simple motivation issues, it really isn’t out of the question that he is on the verge of losing the dressing room if not already.


I think you’re reading too much into a bad couple of weeks for the squad tbh. I know everything surrounding the club right now is either a shambles, disgrace or embarrassing blah blah and all the rest of it but there’s some substance in Wenger saying this is his worse period in his entire 20 years here

Maybe at the end of the season, where we’ll see how much the squad can salvage of this shitty season, it’ll be more clear to see how the squad felt.


I really do feel it’s happened already. Whether they outwardly admit it or not their actions on the field project a complete lack of belief in either their own ability or in the football they are being asked to play. They must have doubts, they aren’t morons, some must have harboured those doubts for some time now and being in the midst of the managers worst run in 20+ years will only heighten those doubts.

Girouds words of backing come from the right place but if him and his teammates aren’t going to perform the way they are being asked to and if nothing Wenger is saying is making the difference then i can only conclude that Wenger has “lost the dressing room”…It may well be the first case of this happening where they don’t even want him to leave/be sacked but it doesn’t​ mean that cliche can’t hold true anyway.


I don’t think Wenger’s lost the dressing room tbh. They’re still firmly behind him and will always be. Wenger’s the best some of these players will ever have if they want to play for a big club and have full confidence coming from the manager. It’s just that these players don’t know what to do and really lack confidence to turn this situation around. Once they string together 3 wins the whole Wenger lost the dressing room story will be fully gone. It won’t matter though as the manager still won’t put them in a position to actually achieve something.


Yes, action speaks louder.
If you guys do support Wenger, play your fucking hearts out and win some winnable games…
Game result against WBA did not show any support from you all.


I was being sarcastic, with bad grammar. I was implying that without Wenger and the poor form, Giroud would be amazing. But like I said, it was sarcasm. Giroud would be Giroud no matter who was in charge.


In his case he owes Wenger an awful lot tbh.


If he had lost the dressing room Giroud would have never said that thing. They just lose confidence easily.


Players coming out in support of the manager is actually very common when the manager loses the dressing room.


Giroud knows he is lucky to be where he is. So of course he is going to back the manager. Would any better clubs take him on? I very much doubt it.