Olivier Giroud



Good to hear! Especially when we lost 3-1 :expressionless:


Responding to sarcasm with sarcasm!?


Didn’t realise you were being sarcastic haha didn’t see the game


He didn’t win the PL one but at least Ollie won the MoTD one. Also means it’s automatically nominated for goal of the season now if your thinking what I’m thinking :wink:



Didn’t watch the game but don’t need to to know that as long as Arsène is around this guy is a cancer just by his very ability to be selected by Arsène and give to the team what Arsène would consider ‘tactical variation’.


As if leaving Alexis on the bench and playing Iwobi as the #10 is really “tactical variation”.


You know Wenger, he would try everything to prove his point.
In the end he still believe Giroud is our best #9 and he would find any method to make Giroud as our starter again.


That’s precisely my point, pal. :slight_smile:


Eh, nah. You’re implying that it’s something he’d do because of him wanting to do something different or having “tactical variation”, while leaving your best player on the bench for no reason is likely only something that can have different reasons.

It’s as if he’d pick Ramsey as the #10 on Tuesday while having a completely fit Özil sitting on the bench. Not something you could explain as a football decision.


What for Wenger is tactical variation is playing Giroud against teams who theoretically will park the bus at home, and this:

Yeh, there’s probably/maybe something more to Alexis not playing (who knows, it could be Wenger just trying to be tactical and shake things up, I wouldn’t rule that out tbh), but anyways he probably would’ve started Alexis for Welbeck alongside Giroud and gone with that direct approach anyways.

Another problem I always had with Giroud is that he has always offered players who aren’t instructed not to take it (as they don’t have firm instructions at all, as we know), a cop-out, and that has always been detrimental to our play. Even Santi, Rosicky, and Arteta took this option more often than you’d like in past years.


We know what Giroud can bring us. It’s all manager’s fault.


Giroud had less touches in that first half than Mignolet! So I think it’s safe to say that this “experiment” didn’t really work. I still love the man though, his beard game is always on point :ok_hand:


I would have thought over Ox or Iwobi. He would have still gone for Welbeck for his aerial abilities which seems reasonable.

With the players we had on the pitch, we should have made more of these opportunities because Liverpool are vulnerable from corners.

Which I’d argue even makes sense as we’re so god damn sloppy and stupid at transitioning to make best use of our quick players.

We may as well go back to possession football.


I understand the hoof-ball method in a game like this but when you don’t back that up with players that are technically sound enough to string passes off Giroud then what is the point?

The team really are playing atrociously at the moment and we can be quick to pick out players but under a new coach, they may flourish and I still believe Giroud is a decent back up option/plan B approach. Just wasn’t the right call yesterday. At all.


It was so stupid to play Giroud in a game where counter attacking was the plan. Giroud acts like a defender for the opposition when counter attacking, he’s literally only good at one thing, being a handful in the box. Other than that he can’t run, dribble or pass properly 90% of the time.


Giroud is dogshit. Hope he’s second out the door when we start to clear out our French pretenders.


Giroud has his faults and limitations, but come on now folks, he’s far from the least of our worries at Arsenal.


Lol it’ll be an adventure all right and not a good one :joy:


Yup, seriously there’s no downing of tools here, there’s no ‘the manager’s lost the dressing room’

They’re all just poorly coached, badly prepared and with rock bottom confidence. The manager HAS the dressing room, but in a stupor! People like Ramsey sleepwalking through the season in his comfort bubble

I was wrong to change my mind earlier and draw any similarities with the Chelsea/Leicester situations, this is nearer to being at the opposite end of the spectrum