Olivier Giroud


To a certain extend, Len was right.
Yes, we are top 4, we are in the CL… but you don’t use the word “mediocre” to describe good teams, to label champions.

We can beat Chelsea, City, United, but we can also lose to the bottom teams without a reason, we can play a shit game AT HOME without a reason.

Mid table teams are “mediocre”, and yes we are (even not really a mid-table team).


To be fair to Giroud he has had probably his best season here, and has scored a few important goals.
Also it’s not his fault if we haven’t bought a top striker to replace him.

How a top European club neglects a glaring hole in their attack for so many seasons, and gets away with it, is incredible.

No other manager, at any other decent club in Europe, would let this situation happen, and yet not only is it tolerated here, the person doing it will probably be rewarded with a new contract.


Every time he starts, a puppy somewhere dies.


You can make a case for mediocre, sure. In the grand scheme we aren’t a mediocre club, but it would be fair to describe us as being mediocre if you were only comparing us to other big teams, and I’d agree in that context.

But the part I was focusing on was Len describing us as mid table. Which is silly and not really an area that’s up for debate as it is literally a fact that we aren’t.


okay, no problem :slight_smile:


Dunno if you can make a case for mediocre (unless we use it VERY loosely to mean; in the context of only the top 6 clubs in the country).

Len is rightly peeved, but wrong in the words he used to express it. I think.

Edit: read all of your post. Ill just go now.


There is only one position that counts jakey. 1ST.
Aim for anything lower and you are mid table.
Don’t forget we w
Have been top 4 in most of those seasons when you maybe had a couple of teams capable of winning premiership and we weren’t one of them.
As far as i’m concerned its top or nothing.
We are going backwards.


We are mediocre when you compare us to the top clubs around Europe, but to say we are mid table is just a plain exaggeration. For a club of our stature and resources though I defiantly think we just achieve the bare minimum and are mediocre.


Super sub striker. Does not accept this role?


This is how I come to my mediocre assessment of the team Aussie.
I ask myself 2 questions

  1. How many teams do I think are capable of winning premiership in next 5 years?

My answer is - 3 teams are capable of winning premiership over next 5 years. Manure, chavs, city.

All 3 have loads of dosh and managers not scared to spend it.
Spuds have no hope. Top 4 at best.
Liverpool likewise.

Question 2.
Will we ever be in danger of being relegated?

If in my opinion we won’t win the premiership or get relegated it only leaves the bit in the middle. Mediocre.

I reserve the right to change my opinion if someone shoots Wenger or he gets driven out of town by Wenger haters.


Damn you, Len… I just can’t stop laughing…


Why are you criticizing Giroud? We know what he can do and what he can’t. He’s just a good reserve to have.


That is quite the range…


You are right Luca, we know his capabilities. Now if you can nip over and tell the prick French geezer we can both be happy.Lol


Under-rated God. Defo would have drawn the game with him on the pitch.


Lol! Everyone didn’t want him to start :cech:


With good reason.

We play better without him.

Courtois should have saved it aswell.


Haha of course he scored.


Yeah we looked real dangerous upfront today


The thing here is wenger should flexible according to who we play, him up front with welbeck and Sanchez would have been perfect for this game.