Olivier Giroud


Not interest? What does that even mean?! Man United haven’t expressed interest in signing Messi, doesn’t mean they wouldn’t take him.

Not saying Giroud is of that level. But just because another club hasn’t come in for a player it doesn’t mean he is rubbish. It means they don’t see the point.

Giroud is not worthless. I’ll defend him to the death!


Loyality comes into play when a player is seduced by another club. Because he’s not it’s to easy to praise him as ‘bloody loyal’ imo. When there are no other options it’s easy to be loyal.


So you think Giroud has no other options? Seriously?!


This isn’t really true, though, is it? Giroud gets pretty stroppy when he’s not playing regularly…

Also people ‘criticise’ him when he doesn’t play…more like people tend to point out the fact it’s pretty clear our level of play goes up when we’ve got the Iwobi-Alexis-Walcott-Özil fluid front four.

It was predictable our level of play would drop to what it has, given that Iwobi-Alexis-Walcott-Özil (-Cazorla) were never going to be able to play every single game and that is the only lineup with which we play decent football.

Not that we were going to win the title even in that scenario, with Wenger as our manager. But still, it’s certainly a bit more fun to watch us with that team.


Indeed. Not from clubs who are better than us who could make it worth his while to leave Arsenal for.


Does he?


Was literally about to quote the exact same thing and ask the same question.

IMO he has never complained about being a sub.


Am I remembering totally wrong, wasn’t he having these grumpy celebrations after coming off the bench and scoring in the autumn when he was out of the team, and Wenger constantly getting questions from the media and recognising that Giroud isn’t happy on the bench etc.


I really don’t remember his celebrations but I’m interested in what equates to a grumpy one.


Pretty sure I’m not making this bit up about him seeming rather unhappy with his involvement/Wenger being asked about it and commenting it, and it showing in his celebrations (being an example), but if no one else remembers it maybe I am.


I think you’re just misrepresenting it…


Wenger admitting Giroud was angry about his involvement + Giroud acting angry = how am I wrong about saying he was dealing with it a bit grumpily?


Because you said it as a counter point to @Phoebica saying Giroud was loyal. He obviously wasn’t that overt about it either as the main references to it are post the united game and really nothing else.

So like I say, misrepresenting.


Was replying more to that @shamrockgooner


Fair enough, that definitely wasn’t clear. :slight_smile:


Opinion still stands. He signed a new contract for God’s sake. An unhappy player doesn’t do that.


He knows this is as good as it gets for him and he’s already punching way above his weight. Him signing a new contract made more sense for him than it did for Arsenal.


Did it? How many “big” clubs have a striker as prolific as Giroud? As a second striker there is no one better.

Why is this guy so underrated?!


Giroud is the second choice striker not because he’s good but because he has repeatedly shown during the past 4 seasons that he’s not good enough.


Hmm ok, not sure of your point?