Old Invincibles vs New Invincibles (FA Cup)


just not up to speed yet, it happens after injury most times he will be back to his best (hopefully) soon.


Shocking first half when i was expecting a reaction after starting so poorly against Bournemouth

Everything we did first half was woeful. Passing, attempting to challenge for balls, tracking back, marking. The whole first half was possibly worse than the half against City

I like the Ox but jeez he didnt look interested at all. Maitland-Niles left exposed at right back and getting no help from the more experianced players around him

2nd half was much better, but then it couldnt of got any worse

Was amazed when listening to Ramsey after and hearing him say that Preston took us by surprise and we wasnt expecting them to play like they did. Really? You wasnt expecting a half decent championship side put in the effort and be physical in a FA Cup match at home to allegedly one of the top English sides? Fucking ridiculous to use that as any type of excuse

Anyway, onwards to the next round and a home tie against a prem side please


Of course I would also like to be aiming for PL and CL titles, and I can recognise that those trophies say more about a team’s overall quality than the FA cup. However, that does not (and did not) stop me from having a fuck off amazing time when we do (and did) win the thing. Arsenal wins a trophy and the first thing I think is FUCK. YES. Some contemplation on the weight of the trophy may follow, but the thought “I’d rather have that bigger one” honestly does not even cross my mind. Definitely a case of agree to disagree here.


As logical as that may sound, Wenger would rather walk barefoot on rusty nails before playing route 1 football.


Was tongue in cheek because thats how we won on Saturday !