Old Invincibles vs New Invincibles (FA Cup)


Luca thats the First team . . . . . .very shortly ! They will drop like flies from here to February


First team? Many back ups there, tbf.


I don’t know how many players will be fully fit to play.

Bellerìn, Koscielny, Gibbs, Coquelin, Ozil, Cazorla, Mertesacker, Debuchy, Elneny, Walcott and Welbeck are out for injuries. Alexis and Xhaka deserve a period to recover the better condition.

The player fully fit are Cech, Ospina, Martinez (3 GKs), Gabriel, Holding and Mustafi (3CBs), would be good to resume Jenkinson to put him on the right, Ramsey on midfield, Iwobi and Oxlade or Lucas on the wings, Giroud on attack plus Niles and Adelaide.

My ideal 11 should be: Ospina; Jenkinson, Mustafi, Holding, Monreal; Ramsey - ??; Oxlade - Iwobi - Lucas; Giroud.


Completely forgot about Jenkinson. Preston should be his level.


Or some just moan because english fixtures are tiring. Or is that the managers fans.


Best chance of a trophy so lets not fuck about. Decent options up front get it won.
Strong bench for back up too. Think we will win well as their struggling.
Show some proffesionalisim and its a 3 0 win.


Nailed it with the thread title @Mysty :slight_smile:


Any chance of Mertesacker making his comeback?


“We might have a problem with Perez, he injured his ankle at Bournemouth so I will have to look at that,” he said.


“Coquelin is out for three or four weeks now. He has a scan today, maybe we’ll have some good news, but I count always three weeks [because of a hamstring].”


“Mesut Ozil is coming in today,” he said, “he will be assessed by the doctor, but he has been in bed for two weeks but I cannot imagine he will be ready.

:sanchez2: In bed for 2 weeks? Wtf has he been doing?


Hopefully a lot of sex for his sake.


:sanchez2: In bed for 2 weeks? Wtf has he been doing?

Your wife ?


Haha let’s start a rumour. Özil out of action due to sex addiction.


Im glad u took that right as was meant only in jest but I suddenly thought oh fcuk what happens if his wife etc etc


Ahahah! So we basically have to play many first team players on saturday, with the risk of them getting injured.
WTF Ozil!? Two weeks in bed?


Cohen Bramalls debut Luca !


Just play the kids, we need rest to salvage 4pt


Maybe it’s those “nurses” again.:ozil2:


The good thing about nurses is that they are nearly always filthy in bed ,problem is they nearly always are filthy out of it too !



I’d play Gibbs at LB if available not sure if he’s injured or not. This team should be week rested as nine if then have played an awful lot of football recently. Plenty to get us through to the next round and a good opportunity to see what Ox and Mustafi can do in midfield.


Why Mustafi in midfield? :giroud2: