OA origins/Favourite moments on OA


Woah, blast from the past! Ohh the memories! :joy::rofl::hugs: thanks for sharing Slag!


Bring back the babes forum. :smiley:


Haha, I forgot about that! The locked subforum for special members. :wink:


Unless it’s been said else where, but thought it was worth mentioning that OA reached it’s 15th birthday last month! :smiley:

So to celebrate this landmark age, maybe it might be fun if members shared some of their favourite moments or stories during their time on here, whether it’s from the old site or new. What members from the past you miss?


Mysty you missed it but honestly the best day I’ve had on OA was 31 January 2018 when Sven done his madness. I’ve never laughed so much in my life during that day. Everyone was handed out likes like Luca on steroids.


One of my favourite and most bizzare (OAest?) moments on OA is when IORP when full stalker and started posting all this shit about Brady including a picture of him with writing all around it done on MS Paint.


@Calum Maybe I’m being a bit thick here, but who do you mean by Sven and what madness did he do? :gunnersaurus:

There are literally so many moments from OA I don’t know where to begin. Remember the Sami Khedria thread when we were linked to him in 2014? (I think). @Gio comes along with that incredible post, which gained around 80 likes! That’ll never be beaten. Same thread also led to the creation of the @Cristo smiley! :cristo:

Also, I loved it when there was that brief period of ‘romance’ between Cristo and @Eszter888 that would randomally appear in some threads. Shame she doesn’t post now. Cristo scared her off :santi:


Sven is Homeless Sven, aka Sven Mislintat. The former Dortmund scout who is basically now in charge of footballing matters at Arsenal along with former Barca director of football Raul Sanllehi.

His madness was signing former Borussia Dortmund striker Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang.


@Gio produced an absolute masterpiece. Hands down the best post in OA history that was.

Think any of I2004 moments will top any list. The taxi, the magic laptop… that guy was something else lol.

It’s been a good 14 years I’ve been here for now which is insane because that’s over 50% of the time I’ve been alive ffs lol.

I’ve always loved the community here. And the site has always been a great place to come and post. It’s been home to some serious characters.


Too many moments to choose from, but remember when that one guy joined OA and made this hilariously ‘confident’ intro post, then @Sol pulled out his Nic Cage masterpiece :arteta:

Think it was Haruko lol

Also, so glad you’re back @Mysty buddy


Ah of course, I suspect it must’ve been to do with Auba. Who btw I must say has been a damn good signing so far :auba:

@SRCJJ Ah I2004, what a member. He literally always had opposing views to everyone, almost like a rebel without a care. The taxi story is LEGENDARY. Thinking he was Mickey Thomas’ dad :joy: @JakeyBoy and I had the ‘pleasure’ of meeting him a few years ago, totally different to how he was online. Guess he stuck to his word about not joining new OA.

What about that member, Titiboy? The big Henry fan who often made no sense, and didn’t care for Arsenal at all, just whereever Thierry went :smiley:

There have been some amazing members here, I’ve been at various Forums over the years but this has been the best no question.

Thanks @Electrifying my old buddy! I’m sure you lot have a few moments regarding me probably, don’t mention the scum that is discobot :bellerin:


:joy::joy::joy: I remember that guy. He was one of my favourite posters but only because he literally never made any sense whatsoever.

Bavin was a funny guy too. One of the better posters when he wanted to be.

Who remember that other guy - I can’t remember his username but I think it had Windass in it. I might just be talking complete shit but he comes to memory.

Wonder whatever happened to my good buddy Mav too. :roll_eyes:


Ooooh I think I remember who you mean. Wasn’t he the same guy that later also became the infamous IORP? I’m sure that’s the case. There was also a random Ramsey fan who claimed to personally know him. Posted a picture of him from his youthful day from an old myspace account or some bullshit like that :joy:

@Bavin was an absolute master of trolling. One of my favourite moments was when @Trion tried to post a meme, but wasn’t doing it so well, and Bavin came in and produced that image that just destroyed Trion :arteta: Sorry Trion!

Not sure anyone ever really liked that Maverick Kaizer guy. I know Jake didn’t…


15 years. Sweet. See, literally no one else knew that shit!

He once responded to me saying he wouldn’t get into an argument with me cos he “didn’t want to make me famous” :joy:

What a tosser.


The most memorable moment in my OA carrer was when @Trion ran riot in the Luv Island thread or when @Cristo my danish brother decided to go full retard and claimed that Hleb was twice the footballer Ozil is(or something along those lines)


I meant the date. I’m aware of the year :slight_smile:


There are a few posters down the years who have disappeared. SWGooner, Mr Arsenal, Bavin…I feel bad for not being able to remember them as there have been some great characters on the forum.

A personal favourite was the fella who made up “Arsenal Premiership reversal of the King”. Topo was also pretty legendary in his own right.

@Electrifying If there were still intro threads I’d keep the Nic Cage thing alive :arteta:


There was that Josh guy who used to regularly post excellent match reports. He was good.


Nice to see you @Sol ! Still one of my all time favourite members if I do say so myself. There was a time you absolutely owned the like system! It was hard enough for anyone to keep up with you. Glad you’re still here from time to time :slight_smile:

Who remembers the infamous The GFP and the set of photos he uploaded into the members gallery thread? :giroud3:

Oh and an origins thread can’t forget a thing like @Leper’s hoist thread.


@CunningLinguist @Burgundy Mr Arsenal and of course my beloved Topo, massive losses to the forum. Not many people people who really know much about football/bring any kind of interesting viewpoint on the sport without the first three. :confused: