OA meet up plans


“Oh for fuck sake…”


I’d say make it a match day. If people have tickets fine if not they can watch in the pub and can catch up on the alcohol intake after the match

I’d be up for a meet anyway. Met quite a few people off here already including TA6 and no one can be worse than him :joy:


Tbh coming to an Arsenal game just doesn’t have much attraction at the moment, until we change manager.

I suggest you lot come to Madrid for a potential Madrid-Barça CL game and then I can show you la vida nocturna madrileña…as long as you don’t blow my cover with my friends and agree to say that you are people I met at an Arsenal match in London or some other such fabrication. :santi2: (or Barcelona for Madrid-Barça CL game would work too, think I’m gonna go to both legs this spring.)


Saturday is a day I 100% can’t do unless it’s in the summer holiday as that’s when I have my daughter.


We can have our own meet up. You’re the only one on here I’d want to meet anyway :grin:


Understandable. :sunglasses:


Let’s meet in Seville. Sangria, great food and girls :wink:


I’m actually all for this. I’ll only come if it is I’m Seville.


Just a bit hot during the summer. Mucho calor! @AbouCuellar


Haha indeed, much better to go in April to watch Sampaoli’s boys at the Pizjuán before it gets too hot. :slight_smile:

Don’t wanna be sweaty when chasing after the sevillanas.


Would you trust me to keep that secret? :welbeck:


who said you were invited? :bellerin:


We are best buddies over the internet. Why wouldn’t I be invited :kissing_heart:


dunno, after a few drinks I think your roundabout way of agreeing while seemingly disagreeing–or is it disagreeing while seemingly agreeing?–would be altogether too confusing.


It’s always disagreeing. I’m a silver cotton candy unicorn that has to have a different opinion.


Right, disagreeing while seemingly agreeing it is then. :sanchez:


To be honest you lot. I know I am “too new” for anyone to care about meeting me anyway, but I’d feel a little weird meeting up with a group of guys and being the only girl. I love you all really though :grin:


@GunnerGirl? that’s 2 haha


Just stay away from ze germans :stuck_out_tongue:


you forget the lube just that one time and they scream like a bitch about it forever more…