N'Golo Kante


At the end of the day money is part of the game, always has and always will be. Inflation and massive injections of cash just give the illusion that the business has been turned on it’s head. It’s always been a case of those with the most money stand the best chance, much like life in general.

I’m actually starting to loathe our moral superiority when it comes to these issues, I fail to see how other clubs spending grotesque amounts of money on a player is somehow more greedy than us hoarding multiple times as much.


It is overpaying if the evidence are there that you can get them for lesser amount.
Much like German players and Bayern, English players of reputation preferred Manchester United in 2000s. There was no need for United to overpay for them, regardless of how great a deal it looks in hindsight.

This made purchasing English players difficult for Araenal when Wenger could get French equivalent for pennies.

Tell me something, if you like a laptop and you know you can get the value of it over many years, do you feel generous & pay more or do you pay the MRP?


You of all people should never take high road about economics.


Lol…Tell me something…is the laptop winning us trophies?


Bayern still had to trigger the clause on Gotze for 37 million euros to get him. That maybe plays an actual role when players have short terms left on their contracts and have leverage, I don’t know what their contract situations were, but otherwise you’re probably going to pay up. Leeds was a top four club back then and they had some competition from/or Newcastle made a big offer for Rooney. Which led to those high sums. Also top English players became already (rarer) back then, which probably played a role too in their sum.

Yeah. And it seems Wenger has lost his touch with the French market.

I really don’t like to pay for electronics. I’d go for the cheapest option for what I need it to do.


Well I work in the stock, bond, and real estate markets every day. I see securities, bonds, and property bought and sold every day for what I think are high prices and what I think are low prices. There are times when it is a buyers market and times when it is a seller’s market. When it’s a sellers market, people don’t just stop buying. And when it’s a buyer’s market people don’t stop selling because you need what you need when you need it. Always, always, always, the best way to get burned is to try and time the market. You might get lucky once in awhile, but you’ll lose in the end.

Have a plan, stick to your plan, know the market you’re competing in, but you can’t play if you aren’t in the game. That’s what I tell all of my client’s and prospective clients and I think it’s a sound strategy. We don’t do that as a club. No one can create their own market, especially not in a global arena.


What if your client has no money? What do you suggest them?

“Fuck Kroenke”?


How many times does Wenger say this about players? :joy:


Our catalogue of transfer failures can be condensed into those words.
“We tried.”

Wenger’s predictability when commenting after missing out on players that he “tried” to get is staggering and pathetic.

Doesn’t he realise it makes him look like a loser that can’t attract top players?

The other line he says that is almost as annoying is, "the player didn’t meet with our valuation."
Doesn’t he know that’s the reason we don’t get who we need.
We don’t try hard enough.

We paid about the same money for Xhaka, so Wenger has no excuse.
He has made a mistake and is making himself look even more stupid by saying we tried to get him.


It’s funny to see articles on the players we tried to sign. This sounds like " only Arsenal failed to sign players " and the other teams and managers are better.

Sincerly, this journalism is for stupid people and who follow that, is much stupid than the journalists.


But Wenger says it far more than any other manager.

He is the person who should be criticised for perpetuating the myth that he “tried” to sign a player, not the journalist reporting it.


Yeah it’s kind of embarrassing how often Wenger comes out with this stuff. Definitely doesn’t paint him in a positive light.


I tried to close those deals this quarter, boss… trust me. I tried, so isn’t that the most important thing?


If there are 20 sales people on your team and you are constantly outperforming 16 of them, your boss will love you. It’s hard to remain consistent like that for 20 years.


Yeah because that is a valid way to look at it… all those 20 sales people have the same territory and resources to help them… yeah that’s it. And it wasn’t even the point - we were talking about the fact that he persists with the “tried” line - it is pointless. You don’t hear any other big manager pine over so many players missed.


Nowhere in that interview does Wenger say he tried to sign Kante, NOWHERE!!! Clickbait got you


Except he didn’t say it anywhere. Journalists continually ask ‘why didn’t you sign player X’ and Wenger usually gives an insight into our scouting, what a jerk FFS.


Haha you made the analogy not me.


the journalist asking the questions you mean. Wenger’s guilty of answering those questions honestly, but he’s not the person bringing it up every time.


Wow…what if hey lol

Heres the link for a video that Wenger said he tried ti sign Kante.