N'Golo Kante


Ah thank goodness, someone with thinking similar to mine.
Defensive, unimaginative players should never cost so much.

The market is just plain mad.


No you can’t that’s why Chelsea just played 32M for him. He’s was the best CM in the league last season and will get better under Conte


In a season when the league has added Xhaka, Gundogan and Wanyama(within league) for lesser amount, you are trying to tell us that finding players of Kante mould & quality is difficult?


Kante is such an annoyance on defense, and I love that part of his game. I’ve never been convinced of the other side of his game though, sure it worked for LFC with their style of play, but I have a feeling he’ll get buried on the bench at Chelsea because his overall game is lacking. Imo Fabregas and Kante will look similar to our midfield pairing of Coq and Santi. They each do one thing really well but it will limit them because they should have one player that does both jobs.



Vardy be like…


I agree, I’m not mad at Kante, I wish we signed him instead of Chelsea, I’m mad at prices that gone crazy, 2 seasons ago we could afford to sign Sanchez for 35m, how much does he worth now then? Higuain joined Napoli 3 years ago for €37 million , now they want €97!


Different situation. Barcelona was looking to clear out funds for Neymar which could have giving us a little discount, whilst Leicester doesn’t want to lose Kante.

Di Maria went that same summer as Alexis for almost 60 million pounds to Manchester United and Suarez for 75 million pounds to Spain. The market was already mad two years ago.


Why, what if he just wanted to keep living in the north and wasn’t looking for other success, but become financially independent? He has reached the highest of the highest already anyway.


Good signing for Chelsea I reckon.

We should see if Matic fancies a change!


We should put in a bid for Vardy, and say we don’t mind that you turned us down.

Then when he comes here to sign the contract say,

Only joking:
Go back where you belong.


The transfer market has been fucked ever since Real Madrid paid all that money for Ronald then Bale, followed by Barca splashing is so their fans didn’t feel left out.

I actually can’t believe we are at this point in football where the 40m player is common place. Mental.


But leagues like Bundesliga & Serie A are not affected.
The culprit is Manchester United in Ferguson era & now in Woodward era.
That club has been overpaying for players & making life of other clubs difficult.


Or maybe it’s the Sky money that allows every PL club to spend a fortune.


During the late 90s and early 2000s the Serie A clubs were paying massive transfer fees. Lazio broke the then-world transfer fee for Crespo. Vieri went for 49 million euros to Internazionale, also a world record fee at the time. Buffon went for somewhere in the region of 50 million euros to Juventus. They just missed the boat commercially and can’t compete with those sums anymore. Same for the Bundesliga. clubs, they don’t have the same income as their English counterparts.

If you want to blame a club it’s Chelsea btw. Sure United made some big splashes in the Ferguson years like Ferdinand or Veron or Rooney, but it was not the rule for them too splash that much cash.


Shit i missed a sentence in there.

I meant to say the culprit is always internal. The league when they can’t afford such transfers, clubs behave responsibly like Bundesliga now.
But when they have the money, it’s one club who fucks things up & starts the spending spree in the league.

Ferguson used to overpay for players like Carrick, Rooney, Ferdinand. The prices paid for them were insane for that time.
Now with Di Maria, Martial & wages to Mkhitaryan, they just keep making life difficult.

WIth Chelsea, you can tell other clubs that they have resources beyond footballing income but with United as an example, it’s hard to negotiate.


@PPB is right it’s the TV money. I read earlier West Ham have bid 60M for James Rodriguez :anguished:


When you pay that sum for players who are going to be part of the core for the next 10+ years, is it really ‘overpaying’? Imo when making a transfer your not only paying for what those guys might be worth at that particular time, but also what they (potentially) will give for the future. In that regard paying 25-30 million pounds for Ferdinand and Rooney doesn’t seem like they overpayed (looking back), but made proper investments for their long term future which payed off too. Both players have had massive success under Ferguson.

14-18 million pounds for Carrick doesn’t seem like overpaying either.


Agree with this. You have to factor in what’s been won by these players and the rewards financially that enabled them to cement themselves as a powerhouse in world football.
It’s enabling them now to see off a barren spell in their history but giving them a cushion to bounce back from.


I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that people on a message board don’t understand markets and economics when our own manager that has an economics degree doesn’t understand it.