Nacho Monreal (18)


I think the bar is just incredibly low.

He was shit, but he was one of the least shit :smile:


I’m amazed how many people think he was so consistent last season, 2nd half of the season he was fairly garbage.


Didn’t he end up getting voted #2 player of the season or something?

His crossing was better but he got roasted more so I can see why people might come to different conclusions on him.


On the basis that we will hopefully see a lot more from Kolisinac next season, don’t really see LB as an urgent problem area.

We will need to address this position within the next 12-18 months to replace Nacho (or even upgrade Kolisinac if he doesn’t perform) but more critical positions in the squad need sorting. Buying a new first choice or backup LB doesn’t strike me as a priority / headache we need right now.


He was the best among the back 4/5, hence will naturally stand out. He even chipped in with a fair few goals and generally contributed to the attack much more than what we had on the other flank.

We’ll be fine with him in a tweaked system with more emphasis on shape and discipline.


Almost forgot he scored 6 goals for us this season. Even more than Mesut. #underappreciated



Very much a weak link in the team now . Either use him in the League Cup or better still , sell him and recoup some money . Big Kos is a far better player .


Can still remain as CB


Okay… by your theory, Bellerin was MORE shit, because he was supposed to be one of the fastest in the league, but he also got roasted by a lot of average wingers.

If we sell, sell the shitter/shittest first.

Speed was never Nacho’s strength in the beginning.