Nacho Monreal (18)


Our defenders should really learn to look across the line and try to play on an even line when someone is playing off the shoulder. Look at where Kossy was, if he was further back they couldda stepped up and he would be caught offside, do they not know the offside trap? Its something they should be trying to perfect…that back line is terrible, it should be exactly that a LINE!


I concur, @Gladiator

Positioning-wise, Monreal should be even further forward, to cover Ozil.

First, It was a fucking mistake by Welbeck… who tried to do a Messi dribbling past 4 defenders… a costly and unnecessary turnover.

Second, which I said many times already, Mustafi should be 100% concentrated to cover Kos, not fucking run towards the goal. CB covers each other, basic defending… and to say, there is no more Atletico attacking players around. What the fuck he was thinking???

Who was in the center circle besides Kos and Mustafi?
Where was he in the end??? I did not see him in the video when Griez scored the goal.

If we play the blame game, there are at least 3 players should be blamed ahead of Monreal.


You think he is having a great season for all the goals scored, but he has been quite average.