Mikel Arteta


chill out Mario


Arteta as manager … we are in enough mess as it is .



I doubt the truth of that source but why this glorifying of Arteta by fans? Not only on this forum but in others too. Was he such a good player for us? Was he a good captain (whenever he wasn’t injured)? What qualities would make him a good manager?


Those two sentences seem unrelated, I can’t imagine they were discussing the merits of Arteta as manager in the dressing room directly after a loss to Brighton in early March.


Well they could’ve been leaked by the same source at the same time.

But yeah I don’t get the obsession. People talk about ex players knowing what it means to play for the club and the fans etc. but Arteta signed for a club who’s last result was an 8-2 loss and continued to be there while we were shit.

He’s only even slightly interesting because of who his boss is.


Don’t think he is arrogant. He has always been a silent leader. The problem is that he has never managed at high level. Can we stop being greedy and get a good manager to replace Wenger for once?