Middlesbrough vs Arsenal (Premier League)


I’m actually stunned Wenger tried something different to be honest, didn’t watch the game as had a decent night on the turps and needed the extra 2 hours sleep before work… Will watch the replay when I get home, how was the game ?



Apart from a banter spell just after Boro equalised and we lost our heads and nearly went 2-1 down a few times due to comedy defending. Cech saving us and Özil clearing a shot of the line


I will judge this game differently than West Ham especially because now is impossible to reach the CL group stage.

Great fighting spirit, good organization despite the new tactic, two great goals.


We are still weak in 50/50s and tbh Boro were closer to 2-1 before Özils goal. Grabbing for straws of excitement for a new tactic that didn’t really convince. At least we saw something new for a change.


We still can’t defend set pieces


Yeah we tried tried 3 at the back but when you have a manager and team who dont coach an understanding of defensive organisation. Its flawed and last nights was won simply on better individuals with the ball. The back 3 played very little in this result.
More to do with giving a few a rest for the semi than any master class or tactical master class.


Need a coach.


For the most part, this game was as expected - pretty dire. But that’s no excuse for the commentators to fall asleep - I assume they fell asleep anyway because anyone with half an eye on that match knows Alexis wasn’t MOTM.

It’s such a lazy decision to give it to the goalscorer. Sanchez wasn’t particularly great last night. Ox or Holding should have been given it. Or if they insist on picking a goalscorer then Özil would have been the better choice.


Didn’t watch the game but I did record it and will watch it later today. Going by some of the comments here, sounds like we just got the job done, nothing more, nothing less. Can’t expect anything more considering how average a team we have at the moment.

As for the new formation with 3 at the back. I welcome it, even if it is a few years too late. Having said that, going by a few comments here, doesn’t sound like we were that much better with 3 at the back, even though we were playing a poor Boro side.

Post match Wenger said the confidence was returning. Just wondering if our confidence is so easily built after one half decent performance against a poor side, it’s no wonder then that one bad moment in a game totally flattens us.


Sideways and circles with the odd move forward… Boring as fuck… A loss to this Boro team would be like losing to Sutton or Lincoln…


Well at least we wanted it more.


Holding for me.


Sanchez scored the goal and assisted the other, although then again he gave the ball away leading to their goal and gave it away again to concede the foul from which they could’ve equalised

Oxlade Chamberlain motm for me


When he told everyone to calm down then gave the ball away…priceless…


Ox to be MOTM needs to do more than run up and down the line like a headless chicken. Some of his decision making is absolutely woeful.


He wanted it more than Walcott did though which I think we can all agree is what it’s all about.