Mesut Özil (11)



There was silly old me thinking you didnt give a fuck last week at Anfield as red shirts went past you at will.
Do your talking on the fucking pitch and save this crap.


If we were winning or challenging for leagues I’d lap that statement up but as it goes though I just don’t give a fuck. It’s just more meaningless noise in the whole mess that is Arsenal FC right now.


Let’s face it he’s wasted his prime years here. He hasn’t made his mark here no doubt, and that’s because we have never had a team that can bring the best out of Mesut.

Pundits still don’t appreciate that he’s Iniesta-esque, it’s easy to scapegoat him but the team flows and looks 10x better when he’s on form.

On a personal level I have no doubt he should leave. He needs a team and system that will suit him better, plus a healthier environment


Love the way he counts the Community Shield as a trophy. Wenger has truly done a job on him.

Mesut, how did you forget to count the three 4th place trophies. So that makes is 9 trophies in 4 years. That’s frigging awesome.

All said and done, while it’s great for him to come out with a statement like that, it’s best if the talking is done on the pitch. I know he alone can’t make a difference but there are things he can do to shut up his detractors. For starters, he can track back and defend a little more although it’s not his game. He is playing in a rather poor and disorganised team at the moment. He cannot afford to just be a creative player. Just look at what your team needs from you most and do it. Maybe then both the fans and the pundits will start to show more appreciation for him.




You have to assume Mesut was just being humble in neglecting to mention the 4PT wins in his trophy haul?? Otherwise I don’t get it, why namecheck a pre season friendly like the CS and not a proper trophy that the club actually fights for over the course of a season.


Our fanbase doesn’t deserve him tbh. Our manager certainly doesn’t either.


He’s definitely under-valued by a huge chunk of Arsenal fans. He deserves better. On his day his football is beautiful to watch. He oozes class and creates a hell of a lot of chances - not his fault if the dross he has to play with can’t always finish them. Like all great artists he’ll be appreciated more when he is gone.


He is a top class player but let’s face it, he has been wasted here because we didn’t surround him with players of a similar quality.
I’m surprised he didn’t push for a move away earlier than this.
Still, I suppose he has realised that like Sanchez, he will walk to another club at the end of the season and get a massive signing on fee, while the club get nothing.

Nice work Wenger.

I would say who will be the next world class player to leave because of Wenger’s incompetence, but of course there won’t be any.


Ahh yes lost in all this was Mesut’s declaration that the Community Shield counts as a trophy. Mesut says it does, Conte says it does, everyone in the sport says it does. Arsenal fanatics and other dumb ass fans who know fuck all about what it actually takes to prepare, and compete mentally and physically at the highest level of the sport, they say it doesn’t count…lulz!! Funny, I can’t understand why all these armchair managers aren’t in the business running a team or playing in the PL, they know sooooo much and are sooooooo knowledgeable!!


You’re so fucking boring


@Arsenal4thetreble bossing this place at the moment :sunglasses::stuck_out_tongue:


You have to admire his persistence at least…


He’s definitely making a name for himself. He’s the Mike Dean of OA.


HOW DARE YOU :open_mouth:


It’s a good thing. I love Mike Dean :neutral_face:



Good riposte by Ian WWW

By the by, how is he on the BBC, Sky AND that Dubai channel when they cover the CL (hosted by Lineker). Talk about putting himself about!


I’d appreciate if you guys stop taking the piss outta my name, hate being likened to that prick :santi:
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