Mesut Özil (11)


I love that he claps back at the haters.

I worry that Mesut was wasted in a Wenger team. Even someone like Klopp who plays wide open at the back sometimes would have some idea of how to best protect him.

It would be nice if he signed a new contract now even if the only reason is to get a fee for him next summer. I thought it spoke volumes that nobody was really bidding for him. His reputation has really taken a hit and he’s not blameless but I do think the British media, old ass pundits and the type of people who voted for Brexit really take a special perverse delight in slamming him. But then again, those are the type of people who think Scott Parker was the right person to replace Cesc in the midfield.

tl; dr --> he talks the talk, but he better walk the walk this season


It might have been his PR team that composed that but I do think he believes what’s written there.

Love Ozil and I really hope he stays. Although that seems like a goodbye statement more than anything.



We’ll talk soon and then make a decision.


I personally do not know how my career will continue after this year

He can talk all the good shit about Arsenal and Wenger as much as he wants but if he doesn’t want to sign a contract and actually be here then I think that says it all.

Wenger said he’d develop him and if that’s true then he’s failed.


Seems like he’s laying the groundwork for a goodbye. Encouraging former players to support him rather than talk shit definitely seems like the prelude to a goodbye.


Who do you reckon will be in for Ozil on big wages? I’d guess Bayern, maybe PSG, maybe United and City, maybe Barce. Bayern won’t offer him the biggest wages imo. PSG/City/United can do, but will they go for him? Real won’t go for him. Juve can’t pay his wage demands.


Dunno how it works in Deutschland, but goodbye messages are supposed to be at the end of the season. :ozil2:


I think with Ozil, if he does leave, it will be motivated by a desire to experience something different. Arsenal is the longest he’s spent at a club I wouldn’t be too aggrieved if he left on that basis tbh

I can’t see him staying in England tbh


Ouch, Özil is off too. :frowning:


I like his dig about “unsuccessful” ex players :speak_no_evil:

It’s a great message and I agree with most of what he says, but unfortunately it does seem like a bit of a goodbye message. Hope not though – If he leaves, I leave. It’s Özil FC not Arsenal FC! :sunglasses:


He might take a leaf out of wengers book and only sign a new contract once his current one expires, he seems to love wenger maybe he wants to be just like him


Four years, damn time really does fly.

It’s a nice statement but it’s sad to see tbh, when we signed him it herald in a new era leading to great things. Was if the club was finally heading in the right direction and things would be different thereafter but looking back it’s nothing but the same age old problems in each new season.

If someone would have said Özil would come to England before he signed for us and still be without a league title after four years they’d be laughed out of the room but here we are, the likes of his German compatriots are winning league titles, the Champions league and he’s about to play in the Europa.

Would like him to stay but what’s the point? He’s better than this and would be nice to see him revered like he used to be even if it’s elsewhere. Wenger never made the most out of his talents or gave him the kind of base a #10 of his type needs to truly thrive.


Auf wiedersehn


I feel so regretful we never signed another world class player to play alongside him and Sanchez. Ozil has been surrounded by players that are not on his level during his time here.


Wenger has really sabotaged Özil’s time here in the most bafflingly stupid ways. 13/14 Kallstrom as our midfield saviour, 14/15 Going with only Mert, Kos and Chambers as CB and the situation that led to Welbeck’s panic buy. ALL OF 15/16.


That’s definitely not a good bye, especially considering he prefaces his whole message with, “everyone is freaking out about Arsenal and everyone is asking me about what’s going on.” Then he goes on to say they’ve accomplished a lot and he’s proud to wear the shirt. Nice to hear he’s committed, basically what the purpose of the message was. Also to basically say Arsenal are fine and we are gonna fight this season.


Yeah and it’s more than just not winning a title in those 4 years, we haven’t even really come close :cry:


I think you must have missed the bit at the end when he said, “even though I personally do not know how my career will continue after this year.”

That doesn’t show a lot of commitment, especially as he refuses to sign a new contract.

He is my favourite player in recent seasons, probably the nearest we have had to a Bergkamp, but he has seen enough lack of ambition and that’s why he won’t sign another contract, and I fully understand why.


Great statement and farewell, tbh. Thanks for all everything! :slight_smile:


Strong PR game from Mesut’s team there, checked all the key boxes :+1:


He hasn’t signed so he doesn’t know. He can still sign. Plenty of time, Sanchez too.