Mesut Özil (11)


Mesut, do us some favor… please hand in the transfer request and join the jump ship party.


No chance. You already know we are gonna lose badly :hipster:





Nah he’s £114m m8.


I’d take that £60m and play iwobi all season fuck it





What’s that tweet say, gents?


“Barcelona has a new name: Mesut Özil. Arsenal has priced € 60m.”.

#NeinMesutNein :disappointed_relieved:


I guess thats reinvent to how Spanish clubs can still sign players tomorrow?


Should have bitten their hands off.

If there’s one player who’s head isn’t in it anymore, it’s him. He hasn’t been for a while.


We can still sell him to them tomorrow


Oh fuck off!


Sun back page today:

Perfect timing Mesut! :grin:



He has such a good PR team lol

But I do love him. And it’s a real shame he’s been wasted in a deadbeat team. Imagine we had a good squad and a good manager - Ozil would be revered as the best number 10 in Europe.


The fact he doesn’t mention Henry in his lists of living legends and says people should stop talking is great for me


Wow nice statement from Ozil :clap:

Fuck the haters, up the Arsenal!


It’s interesting that when he said about “Arsenal legends,” he mentioned Bergkamp, Vieira and Pires, but not Henry.
Was he one of the ex pundits who had been criticising him?

Also when he says, “I don’t know where my career will be next season,” it’s pretty obvious it won’t be here.


The pessimist in me reads this as if he’s off after the season. Özil knows how to treat the media (outside and inside of Arsenal).