Mesut Özil (11)


He was fine against stoke the problem was the wasn’t any real movement in front of him to link up with.

You could literally see the frustration on his face after each attempted pass


that’s a valid consideration tbh. what is clear cut defined as?


He and Ramsey were easily the best. Giroud made a positive impact too.


lool what? :joy: Smoking 2-3 cigarettes on the occasional night out is different than being a smoker, there is no chance that this has any effect or relevance whatsoever on how well he ages as a footballer hahah.


All athletes slow into their late 20s, even 2-3 cigs a day will have some impact on a top athlete who’s hitting 30 and we don’t know how much he smokes, he might smoke 40 a day for all we know. We do know he’s half arsed as it is and he’ll inevitably slow down further. I don’t know if I’d want a 30yo Ozil on 300k a week until he hits 33/34


I agree with this from Henry Winter. Özil is the ultimate scapegoat. Rarely responsible, yet he’s always blamed.


You could say this for any footballer. The only evidence we even have that Özil smokes is that friends of mine have seen him on a night out in Madrid smoking and talked to him while having a cigarette, which is the most normal thing in the world, you can say this about a million footballers. Zidane we know smoked a lot more and he aged fine. 2-3 cigs a day, which it’s doubtful Özil smokes, will have almost no effect whatsoever, any effects 2-3 cigarettes have on the lungs, if they have any, will be decades down the line. You’re reaching and coming off with a serious anti-Özil agenda.


And Cruff smoked like a chimney but both had technique Ozil can only dream of but Zizi too was a luxury player. Unlike Ozil could actually put his laces through a football so it was worth having Davis or Makalelle cover for him. Having a luxury player who jogs at 3mph and can’t actually shoot a football properly is a problem.


Second half yes, not the first half, imo.


Against Stoke he had 4:

  • a pass back to Bellerin at the edge of the box that Bellerin skyed (33rd min)
  • a really nice run turning a Stoke player to play Bellerin in on goal that ended in a low effort on goal (57th min)
  • a cross from the left side that put Welbeck free on goal for a header (59th min)
  • a corner kick to Mustafi that went far over goal (78th min)

I’d say 2 of them were pretty good with the other 2 being rather meh or not really noteworthy.


If you wanted to look at the xG of each of the shots you can use the infogol app (not sure if it’s on ios).


So Ozil only tops these charts consistently because he has teammates that take crappy shots at the wrong time? Doesn’t feel right to me (though it’s early days so far this season to judge those numbers).




yeah yeah of course, might even win the next game but then lose in the same fashion a week later…sick of those bullshit soundbites all we ever do is ‘bounce back’ just fuck off with it just play like you mean it then you wont have to write this bullshit stuff.


Chelsea away after Bournemouth :henry2:


Ouch… yeah, I can see all of the rest of the top 6 ripping us apart right now… they all look so much more functional and threatening and composed it is scary.


You know what. Bring it on.


I don’t get Ozil as a player as I think Wenger has no idea where to play him and usually puts him where he gets lost or up against a player who is physically superior.

I like him but I feel he is being misused by Wenger.


Nobody wants to try their luck at signing Ozil with 1 year left? Don’t know if that’s good news or bad


We’ll draw 1-1 and it will be titties out again for the sunshine brigade.