Mesut Özil (11)


If he has a really poor season then I’d love to know where he thinks he can walk to on a free.

Yes he’s Mesut Ozil but sorry, his star is on the wane right now. You don’t have to subscribe to the idiot school of “he doesn’t run around enough” to criticise Ozil, you can just see what he’s doing or not doing WITH the ball at the moment to see he’s out of form


If we go to Wembley or face a top team at home he’ll probably run the show. In fairness to him he still created the most chances out there (statistically) even on a bad day.


I thought Ozil’s xHI would be far higher this season


So the hunger index isn’t working yet ? :dizzy_face:


Nope, its only the fans that are fucking starving, the players are fat and bloated with their lifestyle…got nothing to ‘get hungry about’ apart for planning their next move to enhance their lifestyle even more, bunch of overpaid useless wankers (including board and manager!)


No he wants to stay which means every day that he wants to stay but doesn’t sign is actually negative xHI. It’s only if you’re playing for a move to Man City that it’s positive.



I’m guessing the inverse is something like

Most chances wasted this season

Welbeck (10)



At least Danny wastes chances, not like Lacazette who does fuck all for the whole game :xhaka:


For all his quality going forward, I do wish he would put in a shift defensively, when there is a need for it. He often gets easily dispossessed and doesn’t seem to care if that puts the team in trouble. At the end of the day, I don’t get the feeling that he plays for the team most times. There are times when he seems to care but there isn’t enough of that, often enough. A true luxury player. As for chances created, let’s hope there is more end product once Alexis is back.


No no no

But he was shit against Leicester and invisible against Stoke :unamused:


Don’t hear much noise about KDB being invisible…and he really hasn’t done a god damn thing.


Ozil is still the best no.10 in the world and will not be short of offers in January on a free


Can see Mourinho going for him. Him and Ozil get along well.


Mou would do it just to stick it to aw as well…


I don’t see any basis for calling him the best number 10 in the world after the past 4 seasons. I’m sure teams will take him on a free but there’s no clamour or offers for the top clubs to sign him now. Whether anyone will consider him worth 300k a work is questionable, maybe they will with no transfer fee I suppose.

Also in 14months time he’ll be 30, let’s see how well someone who wasn’t considered fit enough in his prime to play the 90 minutes at Real Madrid does after however many years of smoking.


Says who?


Strangely enough most of my non Arsenal supporting friends thought Ozil was our best player against Stoke.


There’d be some noise if there was. The only links for Ozil have been from Turkey FFS. I’m not sure I see which top club he’d start at either. Most top clubs don’t play with a number 10 and those that do expect more defensive intensity.


That includes passes in our own half to Chamberlain running the length of the field to have a shot.

How many of these chances are ‘clear cut’, I’d guess pretty low. Botton line is he hasn’t played well.