Mesut Özil (11)


Such an ignorant way of thinking isnt it :smile:


Not really

No wait, you’re right, what with the daily media speculation linking him with Madrid, Munich and even the token Chinese super bid, I’m staggered he’s still here


The way I see it is that Ozil is more than comfortable here. He’s settled in London, loves the city, loves playing for the Arsenal, the fans love him (well majority) and appreciate the class he brings to the team.

I doubt he ever wanted to leave. Some might call it lack of ambition or whatever, but players are humans too and sometimes personal happiness exceeds demands for trophies. No club has a right to win their league from the off (except for Celtic and Bayern) and ours is the toughest to win.

Sanchez may feel differently and less settled. Good luck to him if he feels City is right for him. If he goes, hope he gets nowhere near the title.


YaMesutYa! :heart_eyes:


oooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhh yaaaaa yaa!


@Persona is gonna be so happy :giroud3:


Germans >> Chileans. :giroud3:

Good bloody news.


Promising. Another 3 year extension before boarding the Turkish gravy train? (or cacik train as a more geographical alternative :poldi:)

Please don’t break my heart Mesut :giroud3:


Makes a lot of sense. Another three/four years with us and after that to Fenerbache of whatever one of the three Turkish big clubs he is a fan of.


always knew he was going to stay, been saying it for months


Ozil true Arsenal fan, unlike Alexis :slight_smile:


Chileans are greedy prats :sanchez2:




In your words Alexis is now an empanadas eater :sanchez2:


Such a great goal. :ozil:




Think he scored one at Sunderland away shortly after that that was also awesome, first time placed finish from distance :+1:


Ramsey with confidence is a very, very good player.

That finish though.:giroud2:


YES :ozil:


A true gunner :kos2: