Mesut Özil (11)


Racist :mustafi:


So we’re offering Ozil and Alexis a combined 550k a week.

Believable :santi:


I guess Ozil’s drawn the short straw :wink:


Haha no-one else is in for him so he has to sign with us.

That’s exactly what I was saying a few weeks ago.

He’s a bonus luxury player who only works in a select few of the best teams in the world and they’ve already got set-ups they prefer without him.

Oh well, tough luck Mesut.


I think teams with number 10s may fancy him, so City and United for 2. He’d probably suit City/Pep rather than United who already have immobile attacking midfielders like Mata and Pogba.


LOL. Mate. :smile: yes


Except this is just speculation and there’s no actual factual evidence behind it.


Mesut speaks. :ozil:

Arsenal’s Mesut Ozil: Elbowed, kicked and scratched… And sledged by the ref too: My welcome to English football was as brutal as it was shocking but I’ve learned to take it now


There’s no way he releases a book called Gunning for Greatness in April and then leaves Arsenal in July.

He’s staying :per:


4 tackles from Ozil vs Middlesbrough, his highest total since Man City in 2015


He was good today, especially at defending.


Great goal, sacrificed himself for the team, right spirit. This is what I want from a world class player like Mesut.


From his worst game last Monday the only way was up. Was great tonight and loved that finish! :ok_hand:




Might aswell get one last look around the place before scarpering. :ozil:


Probably the first time he’s been able to show his face in public in months considering how the team has been playing.


It would be so surreal to be out and about in town and amongst a load of tourists you see Mesut Ozil bloody snapchatting away


Bet he got stopped dozens of times though, I mean he’s not exactly wearing a wig or anything

Sometimes I just assume that these people never go out during the day without bodyguards but they must do


I saw Mesut one time on the “6” in the national-team in a friendly against Italy beside Kroos. The won 4-1 and Özil showed the same defending and sacrifice for the team attitude and was also powerfull in front like in our last match. Maybe his future?


Can’t see it.