Mesut Özil (11)


What do you mean again?
Find any post where I have “made stuff up.”

As for Wenger refusing to buy players of their quality, Wenger has said several times about players he “tried” to get, that didn’t meet with his valuation.
This means he refused to buy them.

Also, we bought Ozil nearly four seasons ago and Sanchez the season after, and they are still waiting for a world class striker.
With a supposed 200m to spend on players, where do you think the blame lies?


hahaha okay.


To support Wenger or not, is by the performance on the field, not what you said.

I truly believe Ozil and Sanchez want Wenger out.


I agree, in fact it seems like most of the squad do, they are backstabbing him maybe trying to force him out…fucking hell HOW can we carry on with him after this, if he signs a new contract he should be shot alongside the stupid motherfuckers who allowed it…this team is definitely pulling a leicester i am damn sure of it, but if that is what it takes then so be it i guess!


His worst game in an arsenal shirt?

Constantly gave the ball away.


3-0 to Palace with this guy in our team. Luxury player or deliberate sabotage?


me thinks


Actually thought only him and Alexis looked at all dangerous from our side tonight. Yeah he gave the ball away a fair bit but the only times we offered any offensive threat they were involved.



I know it’s not the right moment but I made it for monday in afternoon…


I lol’d.


Well there was nothing to add on anyway.


To me him staying or going would be dependent on getting a real striker and at least one true up and down winger.

If we’re going to get those players it would stupid to let him leave. If we’re not going to get those players he should go.


Guess he is staying, then.


Yeah, because if Sami Mokbel from the Mail says it, it must be true.


looking forward to a few posters repeating this like its an absolute fact.


Lol, no they won’t it’s a positive story so it will be dismissed. The way this works is that any negative clickbait is repeated as fact. :joy: get with the program bruh.


You know how gullible these Italians are. When they’re gangster prime minister suggest changing the law to avoid prosecution himself, they go “Well, this sounds reasonable”. :mustafi:


Pasta loving freaks, they never learn from the past. Did I do that right?


It’s not particularly accurate, because it describes me an 79,9 other million Germans perfectly, as well. :grinning: