Mesut Özil (11)


its a good article -

ozil will never throw imself about for any challenge he barely runs after a loose ball

he was never going to try and take the boy from the keeper - 9/10 the ref blows up on those chances and the attacker gets a booking


I dont agree with singling out that ‘challenge’ tbh. Even if Ozil was on fire lately, he’d probably have done the same thing. It’s not in his game to challenge for 5050s.


It’s the right message but the wrong situation to use. I don’t think it had anything to do with him shying out of a challenge but more about him being a bit off in general and not quite expecting to get into the position, which is equally not great.


Nothing wrong with criticisms, tbh. He is one of our best players so you always expect him to be under the spotlight.


He’s scored the best goal for Arsenal this season, that’s enough for me :ozil2:


I thought the best goal this season belongs to Giroud (I won’t call that scorpion kick)??


I adore him, he has immense qualities, but I’m not totally against his departure. Sometimes I think with another player in his role (even Iwobi) could help the team much better.


It’s really disappointing that he isn’t improving in certain areas of his game. Wenger has been saying for a couple of years now that Özil needs to become more of a goal scorer or more selfish in the way he plays but up to now he’s only done it in patches and then completely lost any kind of ability to do so. Not that it’s ever been his biggest strength but I think it holds the team back to a degree, at least to the point where he could be seen as a genuine difference maker when everyone apart from him doesn’t have the best day.

Maybe someone who is more balanced would ultimately be the better choice, though it would have to be on a very high level and not something Iwobi could do quite yet.


Probably is the league to be different and we can note the differences, but the Ozil which I have seen in Germany and at Madrid (I have seen him live) is different than the player which we are seeing in London.

He plays under rhythm every game. I’m not talking of the stupidity about his desire or capacity to help the team to recover the ball, but about his style.

He is like a COD player into the stealth mode. He plays on toes and the heels aren’t ever on the pitch.

I never seen this player in England:

I have seen a great player sometimes, but I never seen the Mesut which I have seen in Spain, never.


#YaMesutOezilYa #ErBringtMichZumLachen


Helped by the keeper, but it’s ok.


Really good interview with Mesut


I’m always very, very sceptical when a player comes out with “I still have a year on my contract”. They’re not the words of a player looking to commit for another 4 years.

Pretty sure van Persie “talked” in the summer and that’s when he decided the club’s ambition wasn’t in line with his own.


Still expect him to stay. He seems so aligned with Wenger and his ways, even if we’ve dithered so much in the league. Alexis is the more problematic situation the club has to deal with I reckon.

I think Wenger would much rather Özil than a player like Sanchez who potentially rustles too many feathers, so to speak.


I agree.
Wenger prefers team players but unfortunately it’s players like Sanchez that win matches.
Ozil is a great team player but sometimes goes missing for periods of the season, something which Sanchez rarely does.

Every team needs players like these two, but it’s a shame Wenger is going to lose at least one of them, because of his refusal to buy any more players of their quality.


‘I’m very happy. I have a connection with the club. I love London, it’s great to live here but I can’t say today what will happen in the future. In the summer we’ll definitely talk.’


Still has more assists than anyone else in the Prem counting since the day he arrived in English football in 2013. I believe the figure is 39. The haters should look elsewhere.


Our summer transfer activity will be the only thing that will convince Ozil and Sanchez to stay. They won’t stay if we remain fighting for 4th spot.


I think if we bought a couple of world class players it might convince them to stay.


Where have you got the idea Wenger is refusing to buy further players of their quality?

Has that been stated outright? or are you making sfuff up again.