Mesut Özil (11)


That’s just how it is when you’re the star player in a team. Expectations will obviously be a lot higher, especially during dry spells.


Sign the deal, Mesut!!!


Just because it’s not my cash, doesn’t mean I would encourage it to be wasted. All I am saying is, it’s the club’s money, it’s money that fans put into the club, I wouldn’t like it to be wasted.

I said as much in my post but it’s still money that is available to be spent.

What makes you think we have a slightest chance of improving after so many years of consistent failures? Are you saying Arsene Wenger is going to change his ways? Or are the pampered lot that are our players going to grow a pair, take responsibility and play like men should. In my mind, there is no realistic chance of us winning anything of significance under Arsene. I hope to death I am wrong cause I really want to see him succeed with us and by that I mean either win the league or win something in Europe but nothing in the last 10 years tells me he or his team is capable of that. What I would hate to see, if we keep Ozil and Sanchez without them signing new contracts would be us having another failed season, and them leaving on a free transfer to a direct rival in the premier league. You tell me which scenario do you see as most likely to happen, AW turning things around or us doing another Arsenal and losing our best players for free.


Erm nope I didn’t say that. I’m just an optimistic person. And unless you’re mystic Meg then neither of us know what will happen next season. But what we do know is that an extra year gives us time to convince them to stay and gives us the best chance of getting back into/staying in the top 4. Without them our team is less than average.


[quote=“Phoebica, post:1467, topic:65”]
Erm nope I didn’t say that. I’m just an optimistic person.[/quote]

I remember when I used to be like that, but I guess Wenger got the better of me.

Wenger and his team’s consistency at failing at the same hurdles year after year makes half of us on this board seem like Nostradamus, let alone mystic Meg :poldi:.

I see your point, you being an optimist, still believing Wenger and this team can do the unthinkable. I suppose I can understand why you would like to hold on to them. Hate to say this but we’ll just have to agree to disagree. Also, we need to think beyond top 4. If you aim for top 4, you might not even get Europa league football.


I think being an Arsenal supporter, with Wenger as manager, means that every season is fairly predictable :wink:

Although I admire your optimism in thinking he is going to change, I can assure you he won’t.


Again, I never said that. I said “we” might improve, as in the team. Perhaps they’ll revolt against Wenger’s tactics, perhaps they’ll remember how to play football correctly. Wenger has been inept but the players have to take some of the responsibility too.

We can only but hope


Is he available again or he is still ill? :xhaka:


Really show up in the big games…for the opponents!


He really does look totally out of it. :confused:


Off the pace, severely lacking match fitness. He needs a good run of games to get going again.


Fucked up on the second goal


Kills me to see a player of such talent do so little.


fair play to wenger…not giving him huge credit because he should be doing this anyway, but he came out better in the 2nd half so i reckon there must have been some frank discussions…and at the end of the match, he got up and actually did something, its the first time in a long time i have seen him get up and yell instructions to the players. Maybe the board have said ‘prove to us you still have the fire because we dont see it’ so you watch the new contract and things slipping back into the same thing.


Did anyone notice that one occasion when he broke into a sprint yesterday and showed his true pace? The guy CAN run quick when he wants to. To bad doesn’t want it too often.


He just doesn’t bother. Need a manager who kicks him in the ass.


Looks well out of it this season. Just going through the motions really. Not sure if he’s physically not up to it or just a loss of motivation.


I agree that Özil has been out of sorts this season but I don’t like the narrative that he doesn’t try or that he is lazy. Body language doesn’t tell the full story – he runs around a hell of a lot, usually always covers at least 10km a match!