Mesut Özil (11)


Totally Agree.


Maybe because it could be a huge junk of the transfer budget of the coming years. Expecting 75-100m of transfer fee and wages not to make any difference for the club on that front is being very optimistic. Just because we’re not personally financially involved I don’t think we should really be ok with the club pissing away good money.


While i can understand you, it’s not good to keep unhappy players.


Maybe people just want Ozil and Sanchez for another year as they have no faith we will sign anyone as good as these 2 for the foreseeable future.


Like Diego Costa and Eden Hazard ?


I’d say the opposite – expecting it to make a difference is quite optimistic. When was the last time we suitably replaced a top player quickly? It rarely happens. OK, yeah, I get why the guys at Arsenal might care, but as fans it’s not our responsibility to worry about missing out on a transfer fee. Personally, I don’t like viewing Arsenal football club as a business. Seeing Özil in an Arsenal shirt for another season would give me more joy (and maybe give Arsenal more success) than selling him for £20m just so Arsenal can say they didn’t “piss away good money”.

It’s also optimistic to think we’d be getting close to £100m. Their wages are perhaps £20m. So that means we’d have to get 60-80m for the pair of them? No chance.


Well, without the transfer fee the club could get for them that chance would be even smaller. I wouldn’t want Arsenal to make really bad financial decision just to please the fans. There wouldn’t be much of an argument for Arsenal to spend real money on the team if you’d expect them to leave good money on the table for no good reason at all.

i mean if you really want to make the claim that neither of them is going to be worth more than 20m then you’re setting the whole argument up to be agreed with. I myself am expecting them to be worth much closer to what the club paid for them, so somewhere in the range of 35-40m. On how long the club usually takes to replace them, that’s a fair point, though there is also the question mark over if that wouldn’t just be delaying the inevitable for another year.

Honestly any less than 60m for the pair of them, even if only on one year, would be daylight robbery by pretty much any club these days.

I guess it’s the difference in valuation which is the main difference here. I wouldn’t bother selling something perfectly good either for no good reason if I was only expecting half of the money I should really be getting.


I obviously think both are worth more than £20m, but I don’t trust Arsenal in negotiations – when did we last get a decent fee for a player? Besides, with both players being in the last year of their contracts we don’t have much room for manoeuvre. Why would anyone pay over the odds for a player out of contract in 12 months? It’s not like we’re talking about Suarez or Messi here. As much as we rate Sanchez and Özil, is another big team going to see either of them as a “must have right now at whatever cost” player? We need to be realistic here.

I’m quietly confident about Özil staying anyway.


Vermaelen for ~16m

I’d imagine mostly to avoid any bidding wars and clubs that can afford to pay it immediately. Obviously most clubs wouldn’t want to pay way over the odds for them but still enough to make it good business for both sides or else why even sell.


@PPB would you feel the same way about needing to recoup the money if we were going to sell him domestically?


Given that there’s only a year on the contract priorities would be somewhere around

  1. sell abroad
  2. sell cheaper abroad
  3. keep player for a year and lose him domestically next year
  4. sell domestically

Given that we’re talking about Alexis and Özil I’m sure though that there’s not going to be a whole lot of completely unacceptable offers coming from abroad. Otherwise I don’t really see that much of a difference at least from a fan’s perspective between selling a player domestically for good money or possibly losing him the next year to a rival for no money. I know someone’s going to disagree with this, probably mostly because I don’t have to deal with other set of fans on a day to day basis and so my perception on this is a bit different.


That’s a very reasonable order of priorities.

I guess the hope is that if you refuse to sell him domestically now, in a year’s time when he’s available on a free more foreign clubs will be interested and due to the lack of transfer fee will be more able to compete with English sides on wages. That holding on to him for another year means he might not end up in this country, which we all agree is the priority.

But then of course you run the risk of losing them to a rival for free, which would be an appalling state of affairs. As opposed to us the club should have an easier time of working out if he is dead set on staying in England, and should be better able to gauge whether a big foreign club would want Sanchez and if he’d be up for that move over a domestic one.


Tbh I don’t think a lot of foreign clubs are really going to put that much more money into their wages if the transfer fee was right. It only creates problems in the future when other deals are up for negotiation and they point at their top earner and expect something similar. Clubs like Juventus will at least in my opinion more likely take him for a decent transfer fee and in exchange offer him less on wages just to avoid such problems.

So ultimately there’s probably more likeliness of us losing them to one of the Premier League clubs if we keep hold of them for another year as then we’d probably see clubs that weren’t interested earlier at least offering the wages in an attempt to have them sign for them and also they’d have the big name managers to back it up in Mourinho, Guardiola and Konte.


Is this just foreign clubs that wouldn’t offer more wages in the event of no transfer fee? I know we were able to offer Campbell more because he was a free transfer (granted that was ages ago lol), and for instance I wouldn’t have thought Liverpool would be paying James Milner £120,000 a week if they’d had to pay a fee. It seemed pretty much common sense to me that club’s can afford to significantly increase what they might be wiling to offer in wages if they aren’t having to pay a massive transfer fee that gulfs the increase in wages they could offer. But I see your logic and you may well be right, I hadn’t thought of it that way and I have no authority to say either way.

Even if we discount the idea of foreign sides being likely to pay higher wages, if he’s available on a free transfer next summer you’d have thought that would make him a much more attractive proposition as opposed to if you had to compete with the Manchester clubs and Chelsea in the £40-50m range this summer.


Foreign clubs. Mostly going by the idea that Juventus or Bayern München aren’t going to make either of those players earn more than their current top earners, which for München is apparently somewhere around 12m Euros (200k pounds per week) and if I’m not mistaken (probably a bit less) 8-9m Euros for Juventus which should be about as much as they earn at Arsenal. That certainly shouldn’t be taken as a definite statement but I think it’s a fair assumption.

On the last part of your post, that’s also assuming that Arsenal would block offers from Manchester United or Chelsea in favor of foreign clubs, as long as they offer fair value for the players in question. Ultimately though it’s always going to be a question of which club they prefer to go to or if, as unlikely as it is, they even want to stay at Arsenal.


Ozil is the kind of player on FM when you check ‘expiring contracts in 6 months’ you think OMG OZIL FREE. Then you hit ‘approach to sign’ and his demands start at 300k a week. Then you laugh or cry and click ‘walk away’.

Argh I’ve been playing too much FM lately


DIfferent situations. Ozil and Sanchez would be in their final year of their contract. I can’t see them giving their best.


I don’t know how to define “to play their best”, but also as international players, they need to perform in some way for their clubs to keep their starting place on the national teams and contribute.

So my guess is, they can’t slack off much even in their final year of contracts.


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He also says: “I have become stronger and not everyone can like you. But you know what makes me. Proud? That the Arsenal fans have written an Özil song. I have never experienced something like that in a club. Every time the fans sing it I get goosebumps.”

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