Mesut Özil (11)


I agree but Mourinho hates Wenger, and if he can take one of our best players and turn him into a PL winner, it would make Mourinho extremely happy.
Also, if they offer us more than any other club, we have no choice, unless we run down his contract and he goes there for nothing, which would be worse.

The fact is we are not an elite club, and once players realise our ambitions only stretch to qualifying for the CL, they are tempted by the bigger clubs, who have the sort of players at their standard.


I’d rather take a lesser offer from a foreign team than a high offer from a PL club. The extra money wouldn’t be worth it as we’d be strengthening one of our rivals in the process, which is something we’ve already done far too much of for my liking!


Not really.


Just a question: did he play as LCM at Werder?


We still get 67% above 50 million, right?


I agree with this as well but I’m not sure Kroenke would.

For us to lose Ozil for nothing and have him playing for us for a season, where he knows he is moving to a bigger club at the end of it, would be pointless.
We would be paying massive wages to a player who wants out, as well as wasting a season where we could have a replacement playing for us.

When we have sold our best players in previous seasons like RVP, Cesc, Nasri, Adebayor, Toure etc, for big money, the annoying thing was, not that we sold them but that we didn’t replace them with players of a similar standard.

If we sell Ozil and Sanchez I have no problem, because they simply don’t want to be here, and if we replace them with similar players, as well as some others, at least it it will be fairly exciting.

But if we sell them and buy cheaper, under whelming versions, and still no striker, then obviously that would be unacceptable.


i really doubt Kroenke gets into this level of detail tbh.

I don’t think keeping our best players is pointless. As i always say in these scenarios if they go, they’re gone, if they stay they might still sign.


Agree here… we have plenty of money and are past the point of having players hold a gun to our heads and leave on their own terms. Maybe we can pull a Suarez here…


I’d re-sign Flamini just for the slender possibility that he could talk his bestie into signing a new deal at Arsenal over the duration of the 17/18 season.

I’d even sack someone pointless like Sanogo and allocate his wages towards this aim. Heck, Flamini is on the road to becoming the richest footballer in the history of the game, he doesn’t even need paying when his pet investment starts hitting paydirt.


The thing is Ozil, Mata and Pogba’s lack of defending would see them struggle. Ozil is also at the age where he’s going to start getting worse, ie press/defend less, less pace, less stamina, especially as a smoker. Ozil could potentially become what Rooney is now at United.


Am I the only one that doesn’t give a rat’s arse if Ozil or even Sanchez stays? What does it matter when Arsene Wenger is gonna continue at the helm? Am only going to start worrying about our squad and the players we have or don’t have when we have a new manager. Under Arsene, we can have the Brazilian team from the 1970s and still struggle to finish 4th.

All I would say is, if those two don’t want to sign a new contract, then sell them this summer and make some money of them, rather than letting them go on a free transfer next summer.


Why are you concerned about the money we will get ? Not like we are going to see it get spent on quality footballers.


I see your point but I would rather we make some money on them. Don’t want us to get cheated out what should be a good sum of money.


Exactly mate. Its like Xhaka too. Im disappointed in him but some say its how Wenger deploys him. Either way if Wenger stays its not going to work is it.


To quote your last post, “What does it matter when Arsene Wenger is gonna continue at the helm?”

If you don’t care about us keeping our best players if Wenger stays then why would you bother to care about how much money we receive?


Let me clarify. I don’t care if we keep them or lose them because as long as Arsene is in charge, it won’t change our chances of winning anything of significance. However, if we are to lose them, I would rather we make some money off of them than letting them go for free. Just because I don’t care about what players we keep or let go off, doesn’t mean I would throw away good money. I think if the club can still make money out of them, then they should. Of course, Arsene might still waste that money by spending it on poor players or not spending it all. Either way, it’s better than letting them go for free after having spent so much on them.


Personally I’d rather Sanchez & Ozil for another season and lose em for free, they are quality players that I can’t see us having for some time after they leave. I do understand your line of thinking though.


But why? It’s not your cash. Unless I’ve missed the memo which says I get a share of the money from the sale of our best players then I really couldn’t give a stuff. Whatever we made on Özil at this stage wouldn’t be enough for a decent replacement and, with Arsenal’s track record, it wouldn’t go towards replacing him anyway.

Keep them both for another year. And you never know, we may improve and convince one or both of them to stay.


Finances aside, how do you counter the arguments of ‘keeping a rotten apple’ from the realist perspective?

Personally I think Sanchozil both have enough professionalism about them to knuckle down for a final year in such circumstances, but you can imagine why they might harbour significant resentment towards Arsenal over those 12 months


Chances of winning the Europa League would also be a lot bigger with them than without them. Which means Champions League qualification. The money from that/the prestige of winning an European trophy goes further than the 60 million pounds we might get for them. The short contracts and their wish to leave would reduce what we would get for them anyway.