Mesut Özil (11)


10/10 for originality :joy:

You know what I’m saying is true.

Real, Bayern, Man City, Chelsea, PSG, Man Utd… none of these clubs need him so why would they buy him?

If we’re the only ones offering him the salary he wants of course he’s going to say he’s happy here and loves the club. It’s not like he’s going to say “Yeah, no, I really don’t like the club or how it’s run, and really I’d leave in a heartbeat, but no other offers have come in and my agent is pressuring me to take the deal because we don’t think we’ll get a better one. Cheers guys”. That would REALLY endear him to the fans.


If he were to be converted into a CM maybe as a replacement for Iniesta otherwise can’t see it.


Barca players have already started publicly flirting with prominent Attacking midfielders like Coutinho and Isco.

I can see Barca monitoring the situation, after all Ozil established his reputation as a world class playmaker in Spain, He’s still in his prime, suits the style and his contract situation favours potential buyers. They’d bite at £35M


Isn’t there an anti-Barça clause in his contract?




Sort of, Madrid get first refusal if he’s sold to a Spanish club and 33% of the transfer fee if it’s over €50m.


£49,999,999 it is so. :slight_smile:


You’d be even more incompetent than whoever currently handles our transfer deals :stuck_out_tongue:



Woah can’t believe we agreed to that one. I have a feeling United maybe in for him.


what the actual fuck. Ozil surpluss to requirements? Our fanbase is done.


It’s not that hard to believe.

Bayern have an incredible league and champions league winning midfield right now, so why would they change that up to suit Ozil? Man City have kdb. Atletico Madrid play a 4-4-2. Real Madrid dont play a CAM as we’re used to it which is why Rodriguez is on the bench. PSG have Di Maria. Chelsea have Hazard. Juventus play a formation that doesn’t really use an Ozil type player and have won loads doing so.

That leaves Barcelona, he won’t displace iniesta or busquets so it’d be down to how Rakitic has been doing and how the new manager wants to play.

Unfortunately for Ozil the vast majority of the biggest and best teams don’t need him, he’d be an extremely expensive luxury player that would probably get a lot of bench time. That’s why he’s going to stay at arsenal.


I refuse to believe that no big club would want/need him. But if it means he stays with Arsenal, then great :+1:


Win-win for us basically, no doubt.

But only if we start utilising him in a way that wins us matches as well as having strikers that can finish his chances.


In theory he could play on the wing/wide forward for some of those teams. You also missed off United who play a no10, have the money and a manager who likes established safe bet stars.


I don’t know why we aren’t more scared of this tbh. He’s called Ozil the best #10 in the world, Ozil has said he respects him, he’d get straight in their team, they’d smash us on wages and they have the money that they could overpay (relatively speaking) for a player in their final year. Okay if United offer 23m we might say no, but if it’s more like 40m, I’m not sure what this club would do and if they’re in Europe and we aren’t I’m not sure what Ozil would do either.

Griez/Martial Ozil Mkhitaryan​
Pogba Herrera/Signing

Is a much better football team than we’re likely to have next season.


Mourinho would love to get another one over Wenger.
His record against him is outstanding and he already took Cole from us, and it would be the sort of thing he would do to spite Wenger.
What we should do is say, you can have Ozil for 30m but we either get Martial or Ashford in return.

In the next transfer window Man U are going to spend big on a striker and Ozil for 30m would be the icing on the cake.


as a fan of Ozil i would enjoy watching him play with people of his level, instead of the dross we throw out. :wink:


Where does Mata play?

He has some excellent stats for created per game etc. as well.


I just don’t see him going to Man United. After RVP we surely wouldn’t be stupid enough to sanction another transfer to them, especially with it being Mourinho in charge.

Besides wasn’t Özil’s relationship with José pretty up and down? José didn’t always play him as a number 10 and Özil said recently in his book that Mourinho would call him out on things like the fact he doesn’t/can’t track back and defend.

And, more importantly, do United really need him? They have Mata and Mkhitaryan. Pogba could play more forward if they wanted him to. I just think their priorities are in pretty much every other position - a CM, a defender and an out and out striker should be top of their list.