Mesut Özil (11)


If we had a team with all the players at the level of Sanchez in terms of ability and winning mentality we would win the PL.
If we had a team full of weak players, physically and mentally, and lacking in world class talent like Walcott, Ramsey, Chamberlain, Giroud and Iwobi we would be just above mid table.

As for Ozil, I would admit he has been poor in recent games but I can only imagine his, as well as Sanchez, frustration at having to play with so many average players and a manager that doesn’t seem to know what is going on, too much.

If we lose both Ozil and Sanchez, what kind of message does that send out?

What big clubs in Europe sells their only world class players?
We need to buy more, not sell the ones we have.


If we had a team full of Alexis Sanchez’s we would lose every match because we’d play like this at 2:02:

He seems to think every game is 1 man champs. He was lambastered at Barce for the same reason.

Before Ozil came we didn’t have Alexis Sanchez or RVP and we finished what 3rd or 4th I forget. We did have Cazorla though who’s better than both of them.


Ok, he isn’t training so he wasn’t taking the piss :wenger:


I don’t know what’s your point to discredit Sanchez.
Yes, he might be ball hog too much sometimes, but he was also the main reason why Chile defeated Argentina twice and won the Copa America.
He is who he is, how he is going to play and contribute to the team, is manager’s job.

I also don’t know how you can compare Cazorla to Sanchez and Ozil, as they play different positions and play with different style. You can say Cazorla fits Wenger style more and can shine under Wenger’s system more.


Fenerbache fucking hell. If your gonna link him don’t like him to a team in a pub league :joy::joy::joy:


With his pub team attitude, who would fit right in at Fenerbace.


Collecting his German player of the year award earlier. As much as I love the guy, how the heck does he manage to win this pretty much every year? There is so much German talent. Gonna go out on a limb and say he won’t be winning it for 2017…


Since this is a fan vote, I suspect the Turkish community in Germany cares quite a bit about this. It’s the fifth (!) time he’s won it.


Can’t think of any other large group of people who like Ozil and would hijack an online vote apart from Turks :stuck_out_tongue:


“The fact is I’ve still got a contract in London," Ozil told the German media.

“To speculate now would be wrong. At the end of the season we will see, there will be talks. I’m very happy at Arsenal and in London.”

He’s giving us hope. I’m clinging onto it, I don’t even care :kissing_cat:


Ozil will stay :smiley:


Only because he knows that there aren’t any bigger clubs who need or want him and are willing to pay him that salary.


Alright Negativitron :rolling_eyes:

I prefer to believe that he really does love us.


And see out his contract so we get nothing for him next summer :mustafi:


Ozil never said he wants to stay, I don’t know why there are people so optimistic.
If he refuse to sign, that means we either sell him cheap, or he walk as a free agent.


i dont believe that for a second tbh. I find it a little weird Bayern arent all over him tbh.


Because they have Thiago and Muller.


Bayern don’t need him though. They’ve got a fantastic midfield without him and they’re not gonna buy him just because he’s German if he’s surplus for requirements and they can get him for a free the year after.

What other big teams that can afford his salary would buy him? Atletico, Juve?


They don’t need him and most likely wouldn’t be willing to change their formation to accommodate him either tbh.

10’s aren’t really in vouge like they used to be, most if not all top teams except for us aren’t utilising them the way that suits him.


I always thought Barca would be an credible destination for Ozil