Mesut Özil (11)


huh? I don’t attribute that win to Ozil, I was trying to illustrate that Ozil clearly isnt the sole person responsible for a match result, and if you do want to go down that road, his successes far outweigh his failures.

In other words; your reasoning is simply put, daft.


Is he training with Germany? I guess so :xhaka:



Can’t believe I’ve just read that Ozil is supposedly not a world class player.

Sign of the times at this sorry ass club I suppose.


Maybe Ozil’s quitting Germany next season too :hushed:


Entirely dependent on your own definition of world class tbh. He’s hardly been playing to the heights of his abilities this season, so there will always be doubts when it comes to Özil.


Eh it’s no surprise, we don’t have a fully functioning midfield.

How is Ozil supposed to excel in a team that can’t keep the ball and transition efficiently?

Also the doubts if any crept in after he signed for us, funny that huh?


That’s the problem right here though. You can’t just put his poor spells of form on a non functioning midfield every time he doesn’t do well enough, but then go on to highlight how great he has been when the team as a whole suddenly functions. That’s Ramsey 2013/14 or Jack Wilshere ‘that one Barcelona game’ reasoning just put together to wrap him in cotton while he doesn’t live up to his expectations.

No doubt he’s one of the best when he’s playing at his best but if he will only show it once all pieces come together you can certainly have some doubts about him being labeled ‘world class’ which will put him alongside names like Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo or Luis Suarez.


Saying things like this just confirms Ozil’s status as a luxury player who isn’t ready to slum it down at a level that isn’t Real Madrid, Barca or Bayern ie teams that are consistently dominant their leagues, have the money and stature to build a complete team.

It’s a shame that the conditions have to be absolutely perfect for Ozil to thrive. At Arsenal’s level is always going to be something that isn’t perfect. I remember hearing when he first signed that how Ozil turns average strikers into great ones with his chance creation, after the first so so season it was then how we need runners in order to get the best out of him yet his best form here came with a static target man upfront?


I don’t really care for the luxury label but if it makes you feel better use it.

The problem with the random assertion “turning strikers into great ones” is akin to leading a horse to water but not being able to make it drink. You’re clearly a big fan of Giroud but don’t try and play off the fact he hasn’t reached heights way past his ability because of Ozil, if that’s what you’re indeed trying to do.

To say he isn’t ready to “slum” it is a little funny considering his performances for Bremen are what initially caught the eye of many teams.

Conditions don’t have to be “perfect”, however, there are fundamental flaws in this team which hinder the likes of Ozil. There’s no question he can elevate a whole team if it is put together very well but this can’t be said for Wenger since he signed whatsoever.

If Santi were still in the team his best form wouldn’t be playing with Giroud if it was at all.


Ozil bagged 19 assists in a diabolical Arsenal team last season so the assertion that he needs conditions to be perfect to play is incorrect.


And he had 16 by the end of December and somehow still didn’t break Henry’s record despite the fact he was laying on chance after chance.

Go figure.


Tbh I think he got 18 of them in pretty much the first half of the season, when we weren’t diabolical. When we were much worse in the second half of the season he got 1 assist.


And in the second half of the season he broke the PL record for amount of chances created in a single game. I think you can attribute the assists drying up to Giroud going on an incredible barren run, Sanchez not really turning up last season and Welbeck just not being a particularly prolific striker.

He was still creating a mammoth amount of chances and was our best player through virtually the entire season.


Ozil is the problem in the big games away from home people as we all saw how well we played at Anfield a few weeks ago when he didn’t play, Ozil has been holding Wenger back. #ozilout


They all go missing in big/crucial games…its a team effort.


If they have holes in their game, how would you describe the rest of our attacking players?

Without Sanchez and Ozil we would be mid table.

They are easily our best attacking players and if they leave it just proves they, like most supporters, have seen the lack of ambition at the club.

I can’t believe you think that "Ozil and Alexis leaving won’t be as bad as Cesc or RVP leaving."
It will leave us with the worst midfield of any of the top teams in the PL.

If they leave, not only do we lose our most influential players, we will not be able to attract any possible;e world class replacements.
We will be seen as an unambitious club that can’t even keep their decent players, let alone attract any others.

It seems Wenger and our boards complete lack of ambition is starting to rub off on our supporters if you are coming out with statements like that.


Alexis has some of the worst link up play and positioning of all of our attackers. The amount of times he breaks down play which is part of the reason for our poor play. When he drops deep it means the oppositions penalty area is completely vacant and we have no attacking threat. But he scores a corker and it’s all forgoten about.

Ozil has the worst goal instinct of most of our forwards and has been distinctly average this season.

They also don’t compliment each other, Ozil needs a runner and Alexis if he stays needs a CF to play with and not a number 10. A false 9 and a number 10 simply does not work.


Did those chances include the back pass to Kosceilny who took a shot from the half way line? These stats are meaningless because it ignores the quality of chances.

And last season Ozil was generally very good. But he’s only been very good for 1 season with us. This season aside from the wonder goal he’s been poor, even with the simple stuff like ball retention.


I mean assists were the metric you chose to illustrate your point, so I was just providing the context for that statistic.

It might just be me but I still don’t think that he was as good in the second half of the season as he was in the first when he got nearly all of those assists. I did know that he still created a lot of chances, but I either forgot or didn’t know that it was a record number. So that’s fair enough. I’m not saying he was awful in the second half and would defend him when people say as much.