Mesut Özil (11)


The Ozil situation is so comical, it’s just flown under the radar slightly due to Wenger / Sanchez.

I hope Ozil starts for Germany, would be hilarious


Much like many people here, he’s already gone in my head. Can’t see him signing an extension, and I don’t think we’ll be seeing much of him for the remainder of the season.


Arseblog said today that he hasn’t started a game since his agent came out to make various complaints, like Özil being made a scapegoat etc.

I hadn’t really connected the two in my mind before.


If he leaves it will be a far bigger loss than Alexis leaving and not just because of his quality.

Looking back right before we signed him and the whispers that we were in for him it was such a crazy exciting time, we were all on cloud nine. It was like the club was truly moving forward and symbolised everything we’d hoped for. Looked as if to usher in a new dawn, we weren’t just making superstars, we could also buy them too. It’s doubtful we would have signed Alexis if not for Özil being here already.

So if he does walk, which lets face it seems more likely than not then he’s taking that hope with him that came when he arrived, and it says so much about the sorry state of the club that it will genuinely be painful to watch unfold.


We have but I think we won’t do. Too much money would be lost that could be spent elsewhere.


We don’t know fuck all right now, do we? I suppose it’s some sort of fun to speculate, and 80% of this forum is just that. We’ll know one way or the other soon enough. I can wait.


Ozil goes missing in the big games when we need him. He excels against shit opposition and then everyone waxes lyrically about him. But when the going gets tough this guy is nowhere to be seen.

He is a good player, but in my opinion also overrated.

I miss the days where Arsenal players would fight for each other and for winning the game. We seem like a bunch of pansies and headless chickens these days.


Ozil and Alexis leaving won’t be as bad as Cesc or RVP leaving. Both have more holes in their game that hold us back. Moving to a 3 man midfield or a number 10 who presses intensely will help our game. It will be ironic though if we sign a top striker after Ozil leaves.


We have been a bunch of pansies and headless chickens for the best part of a decade :joy:. I think the term these days is being generous.


Off the top of my head he has scored or assisted in games against:

Manchester City, Manchester United, Chelsea, Liverpool, Tottenham Hotspurs, Napoli, Bayern Munich, Leicester City (and that was last season’s “big” game)…

But let’s not facts get in the way of our judgment.


It won’t matter as long as Wenger is here. Same problems will be here with or without Ozil. I would choose to keep the world class talent in that case. He’ll probably opt out.


His big game goals/assists per game against the top 6 is below Mata’s and Coutinho’s for what it’s worth.


I’m not sure I’d consider Ozil world class, he’s good but there are clear flaws and issues with his mentality.


Yeah they’re great facts, we still lost 10-2 aggregate against Bayern. Thanks for the assist Ozil.


You can argue if he makes the most of his potential, but he is clearly a world class talent.


Come on man. You cannot attribute that to an individual.

If you do though, remember it works both ways, Ozil has won world cups and champions leagues and Ronaldo attributed Ozil as a vital component to his success.

Ozil under a tactical manager (Allegri) would be godlike imo.


Ozil under Allegri should be what we get to see 50+ times next season for our own club, not switching on the TV for the Serie A highlights


he hasn’t won the Champions League.

Özil would be good if he had the team around him to make best use of but as it stands we’re not having it and won’t have it next season either. Especially this season it just feels like a big letdown in terms of what he could do and in terms of what we actually see. I know it’s a team game and all that but there’s just rarely a feeling coming from Özil this season that he’ll singlehandedly be the difference maker and that’s frustrating to see, even more so when we know that it’s likely not going to change.


Same goes for Ozil. We beat Chelsea at the beginning of the season. You want to attribute that to Ozil, then attribute our current run of form to him as well. Largely same players he is surrounded by when things went well and when they went sour.

Fact is: he has got a weak mentality and when it gets tough he turns into a toddler. Of course, Wenger is at fault for this shambles as well, but Ozil still is a pansie.


That comparison is unfair, Ozil doesn’t get to play against Arsenal.