Mesut Özil (11)




:tired_face: Should we be worried?


not at all.


Definitely. Mesut’s a lovely little dullard but he would seem to have a vulgar weakness for Mourinho.


Didnt he recently slate Mourinho for calling him a coward?


I would go from sad to downright pissed if Ozil left for Manure.

It’s one thing to lose a player of his caliber, it’s yet another to lose a superstar in his prime (again) to a direct rival with the biggest thundercunt in sport as a manager.


We have sold Cole to Chelsea and also turned down the chance stop Cesc going there.
We sold RVP to Man U so that Ferguson could win the PL title, and Adebayor, Toure, Clichy, Nasri and Sagna to Man City.
This means we are a feeder club to our biggest rivals, yet Wenger claims that big clubs, and don’t sell their best players to their biggest rivals.
I’m not sure where this rates in Wenger’s catalogue of lies, but it must be up there with the best.

Ozil to Man U and Sanchez to Chelsea.
It sounds unbelievable but then so did all the other top players we sold to these teams, while replacing them with far inferior players.

Never under estimate the greed and stupidity of our board.


He can go past his opponents without being noticed!


i must admit, RVP to united has left me a little concerned.


I’m pretty sure he said he respected him for it and it taught him a valuable lesson. Surprised this link has taken so long tbh.


I think if Arsenal sold Ozil to United this summer, whether it was supported or opposed by the manager, it would be enough for me that some part of our hierarchy would deem that acceptable.

I’d honestly be done with Arsenal until the post-Kroenke era, would go follow a nearby non league team for a few seasons.

It’s a deal breaker, otherwise if you’re telling me that’s the ambition level of our club then fine, I’ll have a ticket price reduction to reflect that tyvm and we’ll carry on as normal

BUT obvs it won’t happen, thank god :scream:


The Daily Telegraph understands that Özil has turned down a contract offer of more than £200,000 a week and it is thought he was originally in Wenger’s starting line-up for Saturday’s game before being replaced by Aaron Ramsey.



Him and Sanchez are already gone in my mind and have been for a while.


Ya, that’s pretty much how I feel too, until the club throws too much money after him just to avoid the embarrassment of losing both star players due to lack of success in the same summer.


At this point hard to imagine them staying either way… even if we finish strong, we are so far from competing for title (how many points are we behind and what is our likely points total?) and for CL (2-10 aggregate - you’re having a laugh)… a new manager will need some time and these guys are going to want to go win right away at this stage. I can see a small chance Ozil stays but no way Sanchez.

AW will stay and it will be very interesting how the contract chicken game works out this summer. Do we have it in us to force players to stay for their last contract year?


I’m not sure if we’re going to see him play for Arsenal again.

He’s been “sick” twice, been on a book tour, been out of the starting XI.

It reminds me a little of Cesc’s last year with the club.


Grim grim times to be an Arsenal fan.

Board need to step in. Put him out his misery.


Gone since january.


there is clearly an underlining issue

hes been pulled out of games a day before due to illness now hamstring injury

not sure how true theses injuries are - think he will be off in the summer regardless


This sounds so made up.