Mesut Özil (11)


According to media (which have published the news tonight) Sànchez, Özil, Perez, Ospina, Gibbs, Oxlade, Debuchy, Wilshere, Cech, Jenkinson want to leave Arsenal at the end of the season.


First of all, if they want to leave, the door is opened for everyone.

I’ve a dream plan for the next year: bring back Szczesny, Clichy (out of contract), Sagna (out of contract), Cesc Fabregas, Samir Nasri and launch an attack to the Premier League to win the title with the last core of players grew up with us. :heart_eyes:

Apart the bullshit, in my humble opinion this is a classic mind game from the agents to obtain better contracts for their players.

I will be not happy for Oz and Alexis (but if they want to leave, they are free to leave if not motivated to remain), but for the rest the departure is only a logic of their poor performances with our shirt.

Jenkinson, Debuchy, Gibbs, Cech, Ospina, Wilshere, Oxlade (maybe not Lucas) into an ideal World have been sacked, not have requested to leave because have been shit.


Ozil, Alexis, Lucas Perez and Oxlade can play on the wings. PSG will sign them.


I don’t see Juve changing their formation to include Özil particularly when they play with two strikers.

Maybe we get helped out by the fact teams may be lukewarm about signing him.


Allegri asked an advanced playmaker since he accepted to join Juventus because his dream is to play with 4-2-1-3 but Juventus failed to sign Draxler, Franco Vazquez and failed to convert Miralem Pjanic to an advanced playmaker.


I can’t see us letting more than 10+ go, so some of these surely are going to be told to stay put

Even Arsenal can manage that once right? :thinking:


He is a luxury player, tbf. And he has been shit since december.


He’s not been the same player since this happened to him

I said at the time he wouldn’t have the stomach to cope with such scorn and I was right.


Özil did mention that his contract depends on Wenger’s; so 2 + 2=11=A x W= Arsene leaves in the summer



Be surprised if anyone bought him tbh. As I can’t see a club that fits him. Most likely Bayern at a push.




Scandalous treatment by our fans to make this picture.


Mesut Özil: “Wenger was one of the main reasons I joined Arsenal but to say my future depends solely on the manager would be wrong.” [Bild]


Translation: I’m leaving either way, fam. Byeeeee. :coq:


Full interview if anyone’s interested


Well no. It depends on how much longer I carry on having sex with him…

No but seriously, these quotes feel me with a bit of joy and hope. Even if they are lies, I am clinging on to them because they feel almost as good as an orgasm. As much as I love Sanchez, I never got attached to him, whereas I loved Özil before he joined us and despite the current hate for him, he was the best thing to happen to Arsenal for years. I’ll be ecstatic if he signs.


Well Mesut, thanks fuck. You play for Arsenal, not for Wenger.


There aren’t too many clubs above us in the food chain tbh and if we’re smart enough to say ‘No’ to a domestic sale then that really only leaves the obvious 4 at present.

So for me there’s a realistic chance that all 4 say no to Ozil and he stays here by default


We need to keep one of our world class players and i wouldn’t mind it being him. Open to staying means offer more money you bastards. I’m guessing he’s stuck around the same figure as Sanchez. We could replace Sanchez with a quick goalscorer but I’m not sure who we can replace Ozil with.


Rather keep him than Sanchez any day


Yeah, invisibility >>>> bestiality.