Mesut Özil (11)



I know mate, but that’s Wenger these days.


I think having the backroom staff and player’s trust to fuel that believe would be enough for anyone to think that they’re the answer. I don’t think it will be enough for him to stay though. Having to build the team again despite investing big is hopefully enough to make him leave.


Many fans said which Ozil isn’t good enough for the big games and Wenger made the mistakes to put him on the pitch, but if Arsène thinks to bench him for a big game, he is wrong. :joy:


Agree with this. You can put Sanchez in that category for me too.
Weve under performed plenty of times in the last few seasons to a man without any exceptions including these two.


If you can’t coach them, bench them.


Yes, if Mesut will reach the 19 assist in only one season is why he is a great player, if he fails it’s Wenger’s fault.

Fantastic logic.


There is every chance he stays because he thinks he’s the only man who can guide us back into the top four. I can just see the headlines from the official site, “Wenger: Getting Back into UCL is New Challenge” or “Wenger: It’s My Responsibility to Restore UCL Football to Club.”


If Wenger gets so much credit for developing players, building the leauge winning team and the invincible, he should take the same kind of blame and criticism when the team does not perform and players not improving.
This is the logic.


Incredible how you say a bullshit and after to be noted that, tempt to repair with populist words. :v:


I don’t think what I said was really shitter than yours.


You said: Wenger isn’t capable to coach him

I said: Has Wenger not coached him when he reached 19 PL assist last season? It’s strange.

You replied with bullshits and populists words.


I don’t agree of “you bench him when you can’t coach him” theory.
So I don’t know what you are talking about at all.


I think it’s more of a case of not knowing how to make the team work to its best all the time with him in the side. When all pieces fall together and we actually come up with a working midfield, Özil performs to his best but as has been seen quite clearly this season Wenger hasn’t found any solution to Cazorla missing many months.That’s on the manager to make players work in any condition and if it is expected that someone may miss large portions of a season than the manager has to plan ahead and prepare for that scenario. In that regard it is Wenger’s fault.


Not the title :xhaka:


Really don’t want to lose Özil. :frowning: Hopefully just speculating? Was hoping he could be retained.


Mate that’s been a fanciful notion for a while imo


Only thing about Özil is where would he go?

10’s aren’t really in vogue at the moment, James struggling at Real highlights this. Obviously there would be takers but IMO Alexis would be more coveted.


This summer is going to be painful. Too many contracts to deal with and we’ll probably end with the wrong ones being extended and the right ones sold, though in the case of Özil he may already be out of the door.


True. I don’t see where Özil would go. Juve maybe? Bayern wouldn’t be interested (problem with Bayern is Ancelotti of course, but then Ancelotti did seem to regret letting Özil go at Madrid).