Mesut Özil (11)


Ozil, great a player as he may well be, is far too fucking boring for me to have any interest in reading a book about him.


I always feel as if a). Players should probably wait until they retire until they publish a book about their career and b). they’re only ever readable if the player is remotely interesting off the pitch.

Cruyff’s autobiography is a fantastic read because he had a long and successful career (Both on and off the pitch), and because he was one of the most entertaining footballer’s of all time.


Plus he did this


Could be a good read. But autobiographies for 20 somethings? nah im good.


Hopefully i can find an italian copy of his book :wink:


You may not find him interesting but ask him what day 23rd February 2076 falls on and I guarantee you he’s got you covered.


Perfect summarisation of Mesut. the king of the assist.


Christ thats fucking pretentious stuff.


Scenes. Wengers had a meltdown


Yep we have a diabolical record in the big away games so benching our only 2 world class players should be the cure :joy:


To be totally fair and not condoning their abscence yesterday both have been guilty of going missing in big games over the last few seasons.


Lol this just gets better :joy: fuck your Coronation Street’s and EastEnders. Arsenal FC is the biggest soap opera going


All of them are gone. I mean Wenger, Mesut and Alexis.


That’s very optimistic. If we get top 4 Wenger is staying for sure. If we don’t there’s a slight chance the board will force him out but even then I kinda doubt it.


There is even a chance he might be tempted to stay to get us back in the top four.


Seeing/reading his recent comments I don’t think that’s a chance but rather a certainty. It’s clear he wants to stay and has a strong enough delusion to think he is the best man for the best job. The only question is if the board will force him out.


As i said yesterday, i am starting to think he suffers from some mental disease. He can’t be that stupid to think he is still the right man for the job.


Tbh I think most managers no matter how much they struggle belive they have the answer.


Not to win the title but to restore us back to normality in the top four.

Sounds about right.


lol, no, Luca. And of course he can. It doesn’t take a mental illness for the most successful manager in the history of a club to convince himself he’s the best man for the job. It’s delusion but the only one who looks to have a mental illness when you start saying shit like that is yourself.