Mesut Özil (11)


Hopefully though if we get a competent and competitive manager like Allegri, it will be the last time we sell players because of them not wanting to be here, will have a better player retention. Even the best lost good players though…but on their terms.


Allegri, anybody… just bring us a manager that can make us to compete, push our players to work harder, give them a winning attitude and mentality, and transform us to a real contender.

We don’t need to win something big immediately to keep the players, at least we play like one and make opponents to fear us, that will be a good start.


He couldn’t keep Vidal or Pogba


Juve probaby wanted to sell…who passes up the money they got for pogba everyone and their dog knows he aint worth 100m euros and Vidal they didnt need much either as they had some good replacements and have done just great for them and got decent money for him too which they straight away used for their squad. Yet again they didnt lose them to some shit team in their league they lost them to moneybags manu and Bayern. The only teams really that get to keep their players until they want to sell is RM, Barca and Bayern, totally different to players just fucking off because they are sick of the way the club is going.


The players wanted to move though, mainly for finances but we’ll still have that problem. Juve also don’t have the problem of sharing a league with the world’s biggest team and 2 oil clubs.

Dortmund still lost players to Bayern when they were champions and going to the CL final. It al boils down to money, which is why City and United can attract top players without CL football.


I think it really needs to be someone impressive if we’re trying to convince these guys to sign contracts.

I’m starting to worry (a little bit :grin:) we could get the opposite problem - a respectable coach not committing to the job while it’s unclear if the day after they join that Ozil and Sanchez are going somewhere else. I know a good coach should be able to work with what they’ve got and hopefully the money could be reinvested but it’s certainly a different job prospect with and without those two guys.


Of course it can’t be “anybody”…

I guess, it does not really need to be a big name, but he should sit down with the players (especially Ozil and Sanchez), have a honest conversation with them, show them his vision and planning and then let the players decide.

With a better paycheck, and a manager that has vision and well planning, Ozil and Sanchez could stay.



Invisible again tonight. Sell him.


Sell him for 30m and buy Martial for 20m


Then sell him and get Flamini back on a free.



Özil is doubtful for Saturday after being sent home from training yesterday. Seemed fine the night before at the team bonding bowling session. Perhaps he got injured lifting a bowling ball or got on the beers and just has a hangover. Who knows?! But I’ve seen people on Twitter celebrating that he might miss the Liverpool game as they believe we’ll be better without him. How can that possibly be the case? Even when he has a bad game, you know he is capable of that one magic moment which could turn the game in our favour. And let’s not kid ourselves and pretend we have a mountain of talent ready to take his place.


I read an article saying he’s fine now and will be in the sqaud :slightly_smiling_face:


I don’t know if he is fine yet, Wenger just said he didn’t know if Özil would face Liverpool and “We’ll see”


Liverpool are missing their talisman Jordan Henderson so it would just be levelling the playing field anyway


This will be a good read!


lol, Mourinho is such a wanker.


Football books are just so cringeworthy it’s unbelievable.


how can 20 odd year olds get away with selling autobiography about there life :frowning:

there much better reads when players with retire and they have the funny stories but i doubt ozil has a funny bone in his body besides his elbow (poor joke)