Mesut Özil (11)


How cute. :smile: the forum CLEARLY shows he hasnt been singled out. I figure a guy as smart as you would have figured that out.

Ah but i guess because clickbait news articles single him out that must be gospel then. Right o.

Your own post literally showed evidence he hasnt been singled out. Thanks for doing my work for me though. :slight_smile: :smile:


I don’t think it’s really so surprising that threads in which the opinion is divided have more traffic than others.

It may also be that expectations in Özil are the highest as he’s alongside Alexis the star player of the team.


As you should, because Özil is much better. Honestly ask yourself this question, if KDB were playing for us do you think the outcome would be any different? Do you think KDB would miraculously score like 5 goals and single handedly beat bayern for us? No he would not. The games need to be watched lol if you shirk Özil for his defensive duties I’d love to see the vitriol that would come KDBs way if he were an Arsenal player because he’s even more useless in that aspect.


He’s also our most expensive ever signing, one of the top 20 or so most expensive players ever and we all know what he is capable of. It’s absolutely fair to expect more of him than he’s currently delivering.



Can’t disagree with it he is the easy target.

The truth is Özil works smart and for all his strengths Sanchez in a sense works fairly ‘stupid’, he may chase nearly everything down and press on his own but the way he plays is only possible for a certain amount of players and overall doesn’t really achieve much in a team with little to no organisation or cohesiveness. That kind of stamina is the exception not the norm, if Özil were to run around like that he’d barely be able to walk after 60 minutes.

How can Özil play near his best with a midfield that is asleep at the wheel most of the time if not comatose? Santi getting injured has been a massive hindrance to Özil since no one has taken ownership of the midfield which means transitioning to the final third has become haphazard, even when we’ve transitioned a turnover back to the opposition isn’t far away.

No doubt if he were to leave some would realise what kind of player we had because he would excel to the highest degree elsewhere, Wenger hasn’t surrounded him with the complimentary pieces at all and it shows.


Agent sending a shot across the bow of Arsenal and Arsene’. Really surprised if he stays unless this season massively turns around.


Well done you managed to describe the single chance he created, if that’s the standard for a good game at Arsenal I’m underwhelmed. He might press at a very very slow speed, but sorry it isn’t good enough

If Ozil had a school report summary it would read: Lots of potenital but could do better. Which is a shame.


Sounds like he wants a big money move and hopefully we get loads of cash for him AND reinvest.


How are you getting that opinion from the BBC article?


His agent is throwing doubt on his happiness when he’s probably available for transfer in 3 months time. Knowing what we know about “parasite” agents and with Ozil already publicly questioning whether he will sign a new contract I would say it was more than likely that they were opening the door to opportunities in the summer or a fat contract from Arsenal. However, players that want to stay usually don’t wait until they enter their final year to confirm it.


Hmmm, yeah, what you say rings true, but I got more of a sense that Ozil is angry at himself and feels solid enough about us and wants to work through it rather than sodding off somewhere else. Well, I hope I’m right. :wink:


Exit strategy being engineered by the agent, plain as day.


You forgot Wenger :wink:


This summer the Board are going to be busy…need to find replacements for Ozil, Sanchez and Wenger


I’ll be far more upset about Özil leaving than about Wenger. That man is the love of my life, I want to have his babies!


If anything maybe they’ll get their thumb out because Arsenal being shit is causing them to work harder?


Might be the most realistic way to keep him in London.

Go for it :smirk:


Don’t forget Giroud as well…still.

I think two of the three you said will be leaving.
I think Ozil might stay.


Remember when we thought losing our key players and contract disputes with top talent was a thing of the past lol